Take Our Word For It

Professor Prince - 1L Oral Arguments

Choosing a law school is a big decision. Here’s why Dickinson Law should be your choice.

The numbers never lie.
Dickinson Law ranks 29th in the nation in The National Law Journal Hiring Report  for placing more than 80 percent of its class of 2018 graduates in full-time, long-term, J.D.-required positions—the gold standard of law jobs, as reported by the American Bar Association based on employment rates nine months after graduation. We were awarded an 'A' for our trial advocacy program and an 'A-' for our alternative dispute resolution program, which is part of our Certificate in Litigation and Dispute Resolution, by preLaw magazine.

We make law school accessible.
Affording law school isn’t easy, but we make it as seamless as possible. We’ve committed significant resources to ensure our students have access to both merit and need-based scholarships—and we have advisors ready to help you with your financial plan.

Smaller is better.
Our first-year class is designed to be intentionally small, which means you’ll know your peers—and your professors will know you. The classmates you study alongside will become your professional network, and you’ll get to see just how powerful community can be.

Your niche will never be your pigeonhole.
“Profession-ready” isn’t idle talk. It’s our philosophy. We are committed to graduating practice-ready lawyers, which we do by immersing you right away in a curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning. By the time you graduate, you will have had the opportunity to go deep in public interest, health law, international law, child advocacy, cyber law, or any number of disciplines. And you’ll be ready for anything.

A rich tradition of serving our community.
Practice your skills while giving back to the Carlisle community through our in-house legal clinics. Our students help at homeless shelters, serve on local boards, volunteer in our Miller Center Pro Bono Program, and advocate for clients across a number of complex legal issues.

The Penn State effect.
Along with the resources and heft that Penn State brings to the table, our 1997 merger has helped expand our joint degree programs and our alumni network—to the tune of more than 692,000 graduates. The Penn State Alumni Association is the largest in the country and you’ll find global chapters in cities like Beijing, Vienna, Karachi, and Sao Paolo.

Perfectly situated.
Carlisle is your springboard to all kinds of opportunities. You’re just a train ride away from four major legal markets—New York City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore—and nearby you’ll find our capital, Harrisburg, and Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey. Plus, you’ll find balance here in Carlisle, where the slower pace of life moves in counter-rhythm to the intensity of your studies.

We bring the world to you.
The Dickinson Law curriculum ensures that you’ll master national law and have a firm grasp of international principles. You can take your studies global with an internship in The Hague or spend a semester abroad as part of our exchange programs with National Taiwan University, the University of Cape Town, and more.

Some of the best legal minds in the country.
Our professors are lawyers and judges active in the legal community—and they have been for decades. They channel everything they know (and they know a lot) directly into the classroom, where they can’t wait to shape the lawyers of tomorrow. They’ll not only know your name, they’ll know where you shine and where you can grow. They’ll be your biggest supporters—and be the mentors you’ll have long after you graduate.

A long history of legal excellence.
It says something that we’re one of the oldest law schools in the country. And though we were founded in 1834, ours is a history of constantly evolving for the modern lawyer and ensuring the voice of progress is heard. You’ll be part of a historic alumni network where respect runs deep and affiliations last long.