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Dickinson Law
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Department Directory

Academic Affairs

Telephone: 717-240-5214

AMY C. GAUDION, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5216

      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5212

KRISTIN L. THOMAS, Academic Affairs & Career Services Coordinator
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5105

Administrative Services

Telephone: 717-240-5000

KARLISMA SOUDERS, Director of Business Services
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5220

Admissions & Financial Aid

Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5207 

BEKAH SAIDMAN-KRAUSS, Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3533

REBECCA SCHREIBER, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5297

LORI ROGERS, Admissions Operations Coordinator
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5228

EMILY MICHIKO MORRIS, Director of Non-J.D. Programs
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3532

Alumni Relations

Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5206

KELLY RIMMER, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5217

ROBIN FULTON LANGHANS, Director of Alumni Relations
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3504

CHERYL ISAAC, Associate Director of Development
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3599

LAURA WEAKLAND, Annual Giving and Stewardship Coordinator
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5235

Cafe Per Se

 Telephone: 717-240-5125

Career Services

Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5201

LAURA WILLIAMS, Assistant Dean for Administration
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5218

ALISON LINTAL, Director of Career Services and Internship Programs
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3518

THOMAS LEE, Assistant Director of Career Services
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3528

KRISTIN L. THOMAS, Academic Affairs & Career Services Coordinator
     Email:    •   Telephone: 717-240-5105


Email: •  Telephone: 717-240-5005

COURTNEY D. VERDELLI, Director of Marketing and Communications
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5293

JUSTIN M. KULP, Senior Creative Specialist
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5211

SHERRY L. WHITLOCK, Multimedia Specialist
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5251

Continuing Legal Education

ROBIN FULTON LANGHANS, Director of Alumni Relations, CLE and Special Events
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3504

Dean's Office

Telephone: 717-240-5208

     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5208

BENITA F. SMITH, Executive Assistant for the Dean's Office
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5268


Telephone: 717-240-5206

KELLY RIMMER, Director, Development and Alumni Affairs
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5217

CHERYL ISAAC, Associate Director of Development
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3599

LAURA WEAKLAND, Annual Giving and Stewardship Coordinator
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5235

Emeriti Faculty

JAMES R. FOX, Professor of Law, Emeritus

CECILY A.H. GIARDINA, Associate Law Librarian, Emerita

CHRISTINE H. KELLETT, Professor of Law, Emerita

LESLIE M. MACRAE, Professor of Law, Emeritus

MARK W. PODVIA, Associate Law Librarian, Emeritus and Archivist Emeritus

MARY KAYE POLACHECK, Writing Specialist, Emerita
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5264

ROBERT RAINS, Professor of Law, Emeritus

JANE RIGLER, Professor of Law, Emerita

JUDY L. SWARTHOUT, Associate Law Librarian, Emeritus


MOHAMED R. BADISSY, Assistant Professor of Law
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3509

WILLIAM B. BARKER, Distinguished Professor of Law and Polisher Family Faculty Scholar
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5263

STANLEY BRAND, Distinguished Fellow in Law and Government and On-site Director, Semester-in-Washington Program

WILLIAM E. BUTLER, John Edward Fowler Distinguished Professor of Law
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5227

LANCE COLE, Professor of Law, Honorable W. Richard and Mary M. Eshelman Faculty Scholar, and Director, Center for Government Law and Public Policy Studies
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5215

AMY C. GAUDION, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Lawyering Skills
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5216

GARY S. GILDIN, Professor of Law; Hon. G. Thomas and Anne G. Miller Chair in Advocacy; Director, Center for Public Interest Law and Advocacy
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5238

PETER G. GLENN, Professor of Experiential Learning
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5147

DERMOT GROOME, Professor of Law and Harvey A. Feldman Distinguished Faculty Scholar
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3512

TIFFANY JEFFERS, Assistant Professor of Legal Writing and Director of Bar Preparation
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3539

LUCY JOHNSTON-WALSH, Professor of Clinical Law and Director, Children's Advocacy Clinic
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-243-2968

MATTHEW J.B. LAWRENCE, Assistant Professor of Law
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3537

MEDHA D. MAKHLOUF, Assistant Professor of Law and Director, Medical Legal Partnership Clinic
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3521

CAMILLE C. MARION, Professor and Director of Experiential Writing and Co-director, Semester-in-Washington and Semester-in-Harrisburg Programs
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5246

ANNE TOOMEY McKENNA, Distinguished Scholar of Cyber Law and Policy, Dickinson Law and ICS Associate and Professor of Practice, Penn State Institute for CyberScience
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3508

MICHAEL MOGILL, Professor of Law
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5283

KATHERINE C. PEARSON, Professor of Law and Arthur L. and Sandra S. Piccone Faculty Scholar
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5219

THOMAS PLACE, Professor of Law and William Trickett Faculty Scholar
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5240

SAMANTHA J. PRINCE, Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills and Entrepreneurship
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5286

MEGAN RIESMEYER, Professor of Clinical law and Director, Community Law Clinic
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-243-2968

MARTIN SKLADANY, Professor of Law
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3538

LAUREL S. TERRY, Professor of Law and H. Laddie Montague Jr. Chair in Law
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5262

SARAH J. WILLIAMS, Assistant Professor of Law
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5295

Faculty Support

Telephone: 717-240-5205

SHERRY L. MILLER, Administrative Support Coordinator
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5234

BRENDA GARLAND, Faculty Administrative Support Assistant
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5270

ANNE PORTER, Faculty Administrative Support Assistant
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5244

Finance Office

Telephone: 717-240-5002

DORIS L. ORNER, Financial Officer
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5284

JESSICA BURD, Assistant to the Financial Officer/Bursar
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5101

Human Resources

DAVID BEARDSLEY, Regional Human Resources Strategic Partner
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-948-6004

ERIC COX, Regional Human Resources Consultant
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5221

Information Technology (IT)

Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5008   •   Suite 010

SETH M. McGEORGE, Director of Instructional and Information Technology
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5008

RYAN COOK, IT Generalist, System and Web Administration
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5008

THOMAS P. DENNIS, Multimedia Specialist
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5298

LINDA M. EVANS, Senior IT Training Specialist
     Email:    •   Telephone: 717-240-5008

DANE W. HENRY, Part-Time IT Generalist, System and Web Administration

IAN H. ULSH, IT Consultant
     Email:    •   Telephone: 717-240-5008

International Programs & Graduate Education

Email:  •  Telephone: 717-240-5207

AMY C. GAUDION, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and International and Graduate Education
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5216

EMILY MORRIS, Director of Non-J.D. Programs
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3532

Law Clinics

Telephone: 717-243-2968

PROFESSOR LUCY JOHNSTON-WALSH, Professor of Clinical Law and Director, Children's Advocacy Clinic
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-243-2968

PROFESSOR MEGAN RIESMEYER, Professor of Clinical Law and Director, Community Law Clinic
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-243-2968

PROFESSOR MEDHA MAKHLOUF, Professor of Clinical Law and Director, Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3521

KAREN GALBRAITH, Social Work Supervisor
      Email:    •   Telephone: 717-241-3560

TRISHA PROSSER, Administrative Support Coordinator
     Email:   •    Telephone: 717-240-5204

Law Library

Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5267

GAIL PARTIN, Associate Dean for Library and Information Services and
Director, Law Library
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5294

LAURA AX-FULTZ, Assistant Director of the Law Library and Associate Law Librarian
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-241-3541

RICHARD O. PAONE, Assistant Law Librarian, Cataloging
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5011

PAMELA G. SMITH, Assistant Law Librarian, Academic Technologies and Outreach
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5229

CONNIE DAY, Technical Services Library Assistant
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5160

JERI FITZSIMONS, Access Services Supervisor
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5012

DIANE L. SHELTON, Acquisitions and Budget Specialist
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5258

SUSAN ZULLINGER, Technical Services Coordinator
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5225

SUSAN LIPSON, Part-time Library Assistant

Office for Student Services

Telephone: 717-240-5209

JEFFREY A. DODGE, Associate Dean of Academic and Student Services
     Email:  •  Telephone: 717-240-5247  •  Schedule Meeting

JULIE CULLINGS, Assistant Director of Student Services
     Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5104

Tech Services

Telephone:  717-240-5260

KEN BROUGH, Campus Technician A, Heating and Ventilating
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5260

DEBRA MARPOE, Cafe Worker/Housekeeper
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5125

GREGORY L. SLOOP, Maintenance Mechanic A
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5260

DAWN E. STEPHENS, Housekeeper
      Email:    •   Telephone: 717-240-5260

JIM STUM, Preventative Maintenance Worker
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5260

GARY VINCENT, Maintenance Worker, Utility
      Email:   •   Telephone: 717-240-5260