Invest in a Better Tomorrow


The law governs us all, so becoming a lawyer should be accessible to anyone who wants to practice it. That’s why we’re dedicated to reducing the cost and ensuring that a degree from Dickinson Law will always be a financially-sound investment. Many Dickinson Law students receive substantial financial assistance, including need- and merit-based aid, and scholarships.

Make smart choices.

Our team works with you to make sure you understand your options when paying for law school. This kind of collaboration and transparency is the hallmark of our style of education, and the same is true of our financial aid team. We’ll meet with you to identify resources, scholarships, and tools to help you finance your law school experience. And we’re here to guide you through making good decisions about your loans, living expenses, budget, and credit.

Get in touch with financial aid advisor Rebecca Schreiber at 717-240-5297 or

Penn State Dickinson Law and Penn State Law are reunifying to operate as Penn State University’s single law school. While ABA approval for the reunification is pending, both schools are currently fully accredited. We will submit an application for acquiescence to operate as a single law school in July 2024 and plan to enroll a unified class in Fall 2025.