Be Profession-ready

We stay ahead of the curve so you can get ahead in your legal career. Dickinson Law’s Career Services Team's personalized approach to legal career advising means you’ll find internships and opportunities that will remind you why you chose law school.

Let us support your career journey. At any time during law school, please don’t hesitate to email us or call us at 717-240-5201.

Support for Success

To help you navigate the constantly evolving job market, we offer a number of resources, including:

  • One-on-one meetings your very first semester to map out a plan for you
  • A professional development series, including workshops on résumés, cover letters, networking, and job search resources
  • Interview prep and mock interviews with practicing attorneys
  • Locating and securing internship placements
  • Group events where you can interact with people who use their law degrees in many ways
  • Access to our historic alumni network, along with all the benefits of Penn State’s alumni network

Building Your Network

Part of what makes a legal career successful is the strength of your relationships and connections. Dickinson Law boasts over 8,000 alumni and the Penn State Alumni network is one of the largest in the world with more than 692,000 living alums. Dickinson Law offers several opportunities for students to begin building their professional network and developing mentorship relationships, starting the first semester of law school. The Career Services Office organizes an annual speed-networking event that provides students with the opportunity to practice their elevator speeches and be introduced to alumni practitioners. Additionally, students interact with alumni practitioners in Problem-Solving I: The Lawyer and Client during their first semester and continue to develop an understanding of how they might utilize their law degree through meeting attorneys from various sectors of practice during their second semester course, Practicing Law in a Global World: Contexts & Competencies. As part of this course, students conduct informational interviews with attorney practitioners to learn more about possible legal career paths.

During their second and third years of law school, Dickinson Law students continue to develop connections with attorneys in practice by engaging with on-site attorney supervisors as part of the Internship or Semester-in-Practice programs. Additionally, professional development and leadership opportunities abound. Students may choose to participate in the Leading Law Students Program or other pro bono activities through the Miller Center for Public Interest Law and Advocacy that allows them to engage with the greater southcentral Pennsylvania community through nonprofit board service or other volunteer work.

Get to Know Us

Laura Williams '90
Assistant Dean

Meet Laura Williams '90

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

What do you enjoy most about your role at Dickinson Law? I love working with students. I like to help students recognize what they have to offer to employers and work with them to develop a path into areas of law that interest them.

A Dickinson Law favorite: We live our core values (teaching, scholarship, service and community) day in and day out. Our community is what really distinguishes us. It is palpable here.

Best piece of advice for students pursuing a career in law: Network! Talk to people who practice in the areas of law that interest you. Learn about their career paths. Be interested in their work.

Favorite resource for keeping up with employment law trends and news: The National Association for Law Placement is a wonderful resource to find out about trends in the law. I recently attended a NALP conference on emerging careers. There are so many ways people use their law degrees!

What do you feel is different about the legal employment market now compared to when you were seeking your first job as a new attorney? There is so much more information now about legal careers than there was when I was graduating from law school. One thing that has not changed is the importance of networking and getting to know people in the geography or field of law you are interested in practicing.

Is there an event hosted by the Law School that you look forward to every year? The speed networking event during Alumni Weekend + Convocation is one of my favorites. The alumni are so engaged. They really look forward to talking with the students. This past year, we added a reception to the event, which resulted in even more connections being made. Another favorite event is Judges' Night.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? Hiking, biking, and gardening: I love the outdoors!

Share an interesting fact about you. I am a member of a Literary Society — so much more than a book club!

Life before Dickinson Law: I graduated from Dickinson College before attending Dickinson Law. After law school, I spent most of my career in the corporate world. I have been a partner in a large law firm, and I have worked as an executive in an international corporation. I also worked briefly as the president and CEO of a nonprofit.

Lauren Hartley '15
Recruitment Coordinator and Assistant Director of Miller Center for Public Interest Law and Advocacy

Meet Lauren Hartley '15

Hometown: Clifton, VA

What do you enjoy most about your role at Dickinson Law? I love working with students as they discover and develop a passion for serving others through their law degree. Every attorney can serve their community. I enjoy helping students figure out what that looks like for them now, as they are just starting their careers.

A Dickinson Law favorite: Third Thursdays are a perfect expression of the Dickinson community: professors, students, and staff all mingle over food and activities. You’ll find discussions about classes and internships and job searches, but also family and movie recommendations and recipes.

Best piece of advice for students pursuing a career in law: Be open to possibilities and focus on what you can control instead of worrying over what you can’t. Do your best with what’s in front of you each day and be open to seeing where that takes you.

Favorite resource for keeping up with employment law trends and news: ABA Journal and National Association for Law Placement Bulletin

What do you feel is different about the legal employment market now compared to when you were seeking your first job as a new attorney? The job market for recent grads is actually fairly healthy. What’s great about Dickinson Law’s intentionally small class size is that we really get to know just about every student, so when job posts come in, we can ensure the students who would be the best fit hear about those opportunities. The Career Services Office and the faculty are able to support each student’s job search in a really meaningful way.

Is there an event hosted by the Law School that you look forward to every year? The Public Interest Law Fund Auction is always a great event! You learn something new about your professors’ and classmates’ hobbies every year.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? Indie movies, book club, cooking, spending time in my neighborhood of Midtown Harrisburg, hanging out with my dog.

Share an interesting fact about you. I never actually wanted to be a lawyer until about a year or two before I ended up at law school myself! I now credit the arduous process of changing my mind with helping me get through law school. When I was stressed, I could remember exactly why I was there and that helped me focus.

Alison Lintal
Director of Career Services and Internship Programs

Meet Alison Lintal

Hometown: I grew up in southcentral Pennsylvania. I lived in Miami while attending the University of Miami School of Law and relocated to Chicago after earning my J.D. I now call Adams County home.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Dickinson Law? As director of career services and internships, I enjoy the opportunity to work with students in both a counseling and academic setting. I love to help students develop their professional identities and discover their core values as they transition from law student to intern to attorney practitioners.

A Dickinson Law favorite: Our professors are very engaged and receptive to meeting with students. They go the extra mile to help our students succeed academically and professionally.

Best piece of advice for students pursuing a career in law: Have a plan in place for how you want to pursue your career path and goals, but be open to possibilities you might not have considered.

Favorite resource for keeping up with employment law trends and news: The National Association for Law Placement

What do you feel is different about the legal employment market now compared to when you were seeking your first job as a new attorney? When I was in law school, I didn’t realize how many different possibilities there were for using a law degree. Recognizing that not all students share the same goals and interests, our first-year curriculum helps to introduce first-year students to different areas of practice, as well as contexts in which they can use their law degrees.

Is there an event hosted by the Law School that you look forward to every year? After attending the alumni speed networking event during Alumni Weekend and Convocation and Phi Alpha Delta Judges’ Night in the spring, I always leave feeling energized.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? I very much love the natural beauty that central Pennsylvania offers. I enjoy hiking, gardening and walking my dog.

Share an interesting fact about you. I am a Certified Iyengar Yoga instructor.

Life before Dickinson Law: I received my bachelor of arts degree in Spanish and International Affairs from Lafayette College. After living abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina during college, I became interested in practicing in an international legal environment and decided to attend the University of Miami School of Law. While there, I became enamored with public interest legal work and spent two years working in the Health Rights Clinic where I helped clients apply for disability benefits, immigration adjustment of status, and became intimately familiar with how social determinants of health—like lack of access to housing—can create health-related legal concerns for clients. Upon graduation, I continued my public service work in Chicago as a Legal Honors Attorney for The Office of General Counsel for the United States Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). While at HUD, I focused on negotiating and closing multifamily and healthcare FHA-insured and low-income housing tax credit transactions.


Practicing Greatness

Kamron Abedi and Sarah Zomaya

Judicial clerkships. In-house counsel. Immigration law. Public interest. Check out where our most recent graduates will put their law degrees to work.

Kamron Abedi '19

Kamron Abedi '19Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA
Employer: Stevens & Lee, Reading, PA

“At Dickinson Law, I developed the practical skills necessary to succeed through the entrepreneurship curriculum, the Business Law Society, and the Business Negotiation Competition. I look forward to putting these skills to use in this position.”

Doris Baxley '19

Doris Baxley '19Hometown: Chapin, SC
Employer: Pepper Hamilton, Philadelphia, PA

“Law school teaches you to think critically in a collaborative setting to best assist clients achieve their goals. The Business Law Society at Dickinson Law helped me develop the skills necessary to effectively represent clients in an increasingly global corporate world.”

Laura Bortnick '19

Laura Bortnick

Hometown: Princeton Junction, NJ
Employer: U.S. Navy JAG, Newport, RI

“I am grateful to Dickinson Law for preparing me for my future career as a Judge Advocate General, especially while interning with the U.S. Air Force as part of the Semester-in-Washington, D.C. Program. I learned through hands-on experience and ultimately found the right place for me after graduation.”

Cassidy Crowley '19

Cassidy Crowley '19Hometown: Bernville, PA
Employer: U.S. Air Force J.A.G., Birmingham, AL

“It is a true privilege to have the opportunity to practice law in the United States Air Force. Dickinson Law has prepared me well to serve my country doing the work that I love.”

Ben Forbes '19

Ben Forbes '19Hometown: Orwigsburg, PA
Employer: Williamson, Friedberg & Jones, LLC, Williamsport, PA

“My experiences at Dickinson Law have instilled the importance of strong legal analysis skills, and have reinforced the immense value of soft skills as a lawyer and citizen. The business curriculum has given me the tools to confront a wide variety of problems from the business client’s perspective.”

Bob Heary '19

Bob Heary '19Hometown: Lancaster, NY
Employer: Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP, Binghamton, NY

“At Dickinson Law, I've developed practical skills for interacting with and helping clients through the classes offered and participation in Moot Court, the Business Negotiation Competition, and the Business Law Society. I look forward to putting these skills to use to help my future clients.”

Sarah Kaboly '19

Sarah Kaboly '19Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Employer: Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP, Wilmington, DE

“I am excited to be starting my career at one of the best places in the country for corporate law. I am confident that the courses and internships I was fortunate enough to have while at Dickinson Law will help me in this role.”

Joe Kerwin '19

Joe Kerwin '19Hometown: Lykens, PA
Employer: Dauphin County District Attorney's Office, Harrisburg, PA

“Dickinson Law gave me the necessary legal advocacy skills to assist me in securing full-time employment as a criminal prosecutor. I feel confident in my ability to succeed in my post-J.D. career thanks to the tireless efforts of the staff and faculty at Dickinson Law, which helped to make me a competent advocate.”

Caroline Koko '19

Caroline Koko '19

Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA
Employer: The Honorable Therese Cunningham ’80, J.S.C., New Jersey Superior Court – Criminal Division, Toms River, NJ

“Dickinson Law's advocacy courses and internship opportunities have provided me with the skills necessary to excel in a litigation setting. I'm looking forward to additional exposure to attorneys advocating in the courtroom, and to applying the writing and research skills I've acquired throughout the past three years.”

Andrew Lindhome '19
Andrew Lindhome '19

Hometown: Camp Hill, PA
Employer: U.S. Department of Justice Immigration Court, Memphis, TN

“I am excited to begin my legal career through the Attorney General Honors Program at the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration Court. Dickinson Law's Government Affairs Certificate Program with a concentration in National Security Law, as well as my internship placements, provided me with the tools necessary to start my career.”

Malcolm McDermond '19

Malcolm McDermond '19Hometown: Lemoyne, PA
Employer: U.S. Department of Justice Immigration Court, New York, NY

“I am thankful for all the ways Dickinson Law has prepared me for a career of service. Because of the community-focused legal education I received here, I feel confident that I can embody Dickinson Law's community ethos in the fast-paced and demanding environment of federal practice in Manhattan.”

Olivia Phillips '19

Olivia Phillips '19Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Employer: Hon. Calvin L. Scott Jr., Superior Court of DE, Wilmington, DE

“Over the past three years, Dickinson Law has prepared me to be an effective advocate for my clients. With this clerkship, I will take the next step in becoming a better advocate: learning firsthand what oral and written advocacy tools are effective in the eyes of a judge.”

Michael Slobom '19

Michael Slobom '19Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
Employer: Hon. Andrea L. Roncanelli, Superior Court of DE, Wilmington, DE

“My Dickinson Law education has equipped me with the skills necessary to help maintain the integrity and competence of the legal profession. I look forward to putting those skills to practice as I embark on my professional journey under Judge Rocanelli’s guidance.”