Reciprocity Policy

Lewis Katz Hall

For Dickinson Law Students and Graduates

The Career Services Office can assist Dickinson Law students and alumni in their job search by making reciprocity requests on their behalf. Please review the following guidelines:

  • Reciprocity requests are made by Career Services staff to other Career Services staff on behalf of their alumni, so you must communicate with the Career Services Office to make a request.
  • Each school develops their own reciprocity policy, so please review the reciprocity of the school(s) from which you are considering requesting reciprocity to ensure you are eligible to make the request and will have access to the services you desire. For example, most schools do not grant requests during the late summer — late fall hiring “blackout window;” other schools may not grant online access to their career portal, or charge a fee for doing so.
  • The Career Services Office will make one request per student/alumni per geographic market at a time. A market is generally defined as a city or state. For example, the New York City metropolitan area is one market; the rest of New York State is another market. If you have a question about defining a market, contact us. We do not make reciprocity requests to other law schools in Pennsylvania.
  • To make a request, email your name as it was at the time of your graduation, graduation year, valid phone number, and email. We will verify your attendance before granting the request. We generally process requests in two to four business days.

For more information or to contact our office, email us or call 717-241-3528.

For Law Students and Graduates of Other Law Schools

Dickinson Law’s Career Services Office provides reasonable access to its resources to students/graduates of law schools outside the state of Pennsylvania according to our Reciprocity Policy. Requests for reciprocity must come from a staff member of the requestor’s law school. Review our full reciprocity policy below.

  • Services are available to students and graduates of ABA accredited schools that agree to provide similar services to Dickinson Law students and graduates.
  • Dickinson Law will make available access to our online career portal. Other services will not be provided. No fee is required.
  • If granted, access will be provided for three months (90 days), renewable at the discretion of the CSO.
  • Requests should be made in writing by a representative of the requesting student or graduate’s law school’s career services/development office, and emailed to the Career Services Office. Requests should include the name, contact information, and graduation year of the student/graduate.
  • Services may be denied to students or graduates of any school that seem to surpass a reasonable number of reciprocity requests.
  • Dickinson Law reserves the right to deny access or to alter this policy without advance notice.