Beyond the Classroom

Yogi in the Courtroom

We recognize that like the practice of law, the study of law will require that you find activities outside the classroom that enrich your life. Like lawyers, you will find reward in using your newfound skills to serve the public by sitting on local boards and participating in our Miller Center Pro Bono Matching Program. Our student organizations not only initiate projects that benefit the community, but they also organize and sponsor diverse social events. We place equal emphasis on sharp legal mind and healthy body by offering mindfulness and yoga sessions, intramural sports, and plenty of outdoor recreational and cultural activities that support your well-being.

Office of Student Services

Our Team and Services

The Office for Student Services acts as the liaison for law students with the faculty and administration and provides a wide range of support for students and student organizations. The Office for Student Services:

  • coordinates orientation, graduation, and other school-wide events;
  • advises the Student Bar Association and other student organizations;
  • manages disability accommodations;
  • coordinates academic success, wellness, and advising programs;
  • provides academic and personal counseling;
  • initiates Title IX and bias related complaints;
  • collaborates with a variety of University and Law School offices to provide a wide range of support and services; and
  • refers students to Penn State and other community resources, rules, and processes.


Student Services
Lewis Katz Hall
Dickinson Law
150 S. College Street
Carlisle, PA 17013

The Student Services Team is located on the second floor of Lewis Katz Hall in offices 233, 237, and 238.

Giselle Santibanez-BaniaGiselle Santibañez-Bania
Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Services
Phone: 717-240-5015
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Titichia M. JacksonTitichia Jackson
Director of Academic Success and Bar Passage and Assistant Professor of Law
Phone: 717-240-5264
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Kalene FairclothKalene Faircloth
Assistant Director of Student Services
Phone: 717-240-5104
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Jeannie Perez
Administrative Support Coordinator
Phone: 717-240-5244

Counseling and Crisis Services