Tom Lee

Meet Tom Lee

Director of Career Services

Hometown: I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. I lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania while attending Franklin and Marshall College and relocated back to Baltimore to earn my J.D.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Dickinson Law? I enjoy working with our dynamic faculty and students in the career-search process. I also love to learn from employers about what their needs are and how well alumni have performed.

A Dickinson Law favorite: Dickinson Law’s Career Services Office is distinct because of its low advisor-to-student ratio. Our mission is to connect students to careers that are fulfilling and rewarding.

Best piece of advice for students pursuing a career in law: There is nothing wrong with not knowing what type of law you want to practice before you go to law school. Law school is your opportunity to learn what type of lawyer (and person) you want to be, and not what type of lawyer you think you should be. There is a difference between the two. Different practice settings or firms are like different villages, which is why finding a like-minded group is so important.

Favorite resource for keeping up with employment law trends and news: I believe the best resources for keeping up with employment law trends and news are the lawyers that you know, your law school professors, and my fellow colleagues in Dickinson Law’s Career Services Office. Ask the experts!

What do you feel is different about the legal employment market now compared to when you were seeking your first job as a new attorney? The amount of information available to law students online about legal employment has expanded exponentially. When I was seeking my first job as a new attorney, you could not use LinkedIn to develop a network and connect with Dickinson Law alumni. Creating a legacy of good or bad social media posts was not something to contend with because social media platforms were not as popular as today.

Is there an event hosted by the Law School that you look forward to every year? I look forward to on-campus interview season for our law students. It is a unique opportunity to connect students to potential employers. I also look forward to any event where students can network with alumni or potential employers.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? I enjoy planning excursions and traveling with my family. We like to escape to the beach or historic sites to recharge or spend time outdoors in the fresh air. Sometimes, you will find me road or trail running. A pleasant day would start with an early morning long run where there are a few cars out on the road, and my part of the world is still asleep.

Share an interesting fact about you. I like meeting new people and connecting people with new opportunities. I genuinely enjoy connecting the dots and helping people succeed. My favorite idiom is, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Life before Dickinson Law: I was an attorney at a reputable law firm with a background in structured transactions and regulatory compliance. I chose to transition to higher education to have a more reasonable travel schedule and the ability to have dinner with my family. I have called south central Pennsylvania home for the last several years. I am married to Aubrey Lee, who is the chair of the English Department at Bishop McDevitt High School. I have two sons, Elliott and Finn.