Once You've Been Admitted

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Welcome to Dickinson Law! Here you will find information relevant to students admitted to our J.D. program, so be sure to check back frequently for updates. To stay up to date on the latest news and events happening on campus, be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And don't forget to join Dickinson Law's Class of 2023 Facebook group.

Important Information for J.D. Students

Before You Arrive


You may purchase or rent textbooks from a vendor of your choice (e.g., the University Bookstore, Amazon, Half.com, eBay, etc.) or acquire them from a current student. We will provide you with the list of required textbooks in July so that you can plan ahead, shop around, and find the option that works best for your budget and learning style. If you plan to charge your books to your bursar's account, you must purchase your textbooks from the University Bookstore. You may, however, find less expensive retail options elsewhere. Instructions on ordering books from the University Bookstore are available here.

Disability Services

Students who are seeking services at Dickinson Law must self-disclose the need for academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or services to the Office of Student Services at 717-240-5104. Please begin this process as soon as possible. You will find a description of the procedures for submitting documentation and determining eligibility for academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or services at Penn State online.

Final Transcript

Please ensure that an official copy of your final, undergraduate transcript is on file with LSAC by August 1. If you applied to law school prior to completing your undergraduate degree (i.e., during your senior year), you must submit an updated copy of your final transcript to LSAC.

Health Insurance

Each year, Penn State selects a student health insurance plan and makes it available to undergraduate and graduate students. Additional information is available online.


A wide range of housing options are available in Carlisle. For detailed information, please refer to our online housing information below. You may also want to join the Facebook group for incoming students (Dickinson Law Class of 2023) for notices of available space.

Immunization Certification

Dickinson Law students are exempt from the Penn State immunization requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What school code do I use for the FAFSA?

Please use code 003329 (the code for all of Penn State) when completing the form and double check to ensure you are completing the correct year (2019-2020).

How do I reserve my seat in the incoming class?

You can reserve your seat in the Class of 2023 by paying two nonrefundable deposits of $500. The first deposit must be paid prior to April 15 and the second deposit must be paid prior to June 15. Deposits may be made by check or money order, payable to The Pennsylvania State University. Payments should be sent to Office of Admissions, Penn State's Dickinson Law, Lewis Katz Hall, 150 S. College St., Carlisle, PA 17013. If you are paying your deposit by credit card, please use our secure online form. If you have any issues or questions, please call 717-240-5228.

Do I need to submit an official transcript to Penn State's Dickinson Law?

Although you do not need to submit an official transcript to Dickinson Law, you must ensure that an official copy of your final transcript is on file with LSAC. If you had not completed your undergraduate degree at the time of submitting your application, please be sure to take this additional step once your final grades are available.

What happens to my deposit once I matriculate?

Deposits are placed onto your Penn State tuition account and apply towards tuition and fees for your first semester. If you received a scholarship that covers full tuition, the deposit will apply toward your fees of approximately $350 a semester and the remainder will be refunded to you.

What, if any, requirements must I fulfill to keep my scholarship?

To maintain your scholarship, you must remain in good standing under the academic rules as well as the honor code. It is important to note that maintenance of good academic standing is a prerequisite for continuation at the law school and for graduation — not just for scholarship retention.

To maintain good standing under the academic rules, you must:

  • earn a semester grade point average of at least 2.0 at the end of each semester, except for the first semester of the first year;
  • earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 at the end of each semester, except for the first semester of the first year; and
  • in the first semester of the first year, earn grades below C in no more than 9 credits.

Additionally, because Dickinson Law places a high value on academic integrity, if you are found to have violated the Honor Code, you may be subject to a revocation of your scholarship among other sanctions.

Do I need vaccinations?

Because incoming students at Dickinson Law do not reside in University housing, they are exempt from the University’s vaccination requirement.

Who should I contact about classroom accommodations?

Students requiring accommodations beginning at orientation or for the first day of classes should contact the Office of Students Services at 717-240-5104 no later than August 1.

How do I obtain student health insurance?

The Penn State Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) offers comprehensive health insurance at a competitive price with a wide network of providers across the United States. The Penn State SHIP is offered through First Student College Student Health Insurance, underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources. Dickinson Law students are eligible to purchase the Penn State SHIP if they are enrolled in one or more credit hours. The insurance premium must be paid directly to United Healthcare Student Resources at the time of enrollment and can be paid by credit card or electronic check. To learn more about the plan, please visit Penn State’s University Health Services website.

What is a loan origination fee?

Most federal student loans have loan fees that are a percentage of the total loan amount. The loan fee is deducted proportionately from each loan disbursement you receive. This means the money you receive will be less than the amount you actually borrow. You're responsible for repaying the entire amount you borrowed and not just the amount you received.

I borrowed loans to cover living expenses. How do I get my funds?

Loans will be sent directly to your Penn State student account and applied to your tuition bill each semester. Any amount in excess of tuition and fees will be refunded to you for living expenses. Half the amount you requested for the academic year will arrive for the fall semester and the remaining half for the spring semester. The fastest way to receive your refund is to sign up for direct deposit. Refund turnaround times for the direct deposit option is three to five business days after the loan arrives to the University, generally by the end of the second week of classes. You will receive access to enter your direct deposit information once you receive your first electronic bill in July. If direct deposit is not set up, a check will only be mailed to your permanent address, potentially delaying your refund further than the anticipated ten business day turnaround time for paper checks.

I am an international student. How do I start the Visa process?

International students work with the Directorate of International Student & Scholars Office for advising through the Visa process. Within 1-2 weeks of paying your seat deposit, you will receive an email from international@psu.edu with additional information on how to request your necessary immigration documents.

What should I know about parking?

Free street parking is readily available; however, we advise you to stay alert to days of the week when parking is restricted for street cleaning. On such days, parking is typically restricted from the hours of 8 a.m. until noon.

Parking in any Dickinson College lot is prohibited. Dickinson College Public Safety will ticket vehicles as necessary.


The Carlisle community provides bike-friendly routes, resources, and recreational opportunities. Students wishing to bike to campus should review the rules and regulations on the Bicycle Regulations website. When parking your bike on campus, be sure to park at places clearly designated by the presence of bicycle racks using a locking device. Any bicycle parked at Dickinson Law shall be parked at the risk of the owner.

Do I need to register for classes?

As an incoming 1L, you will be registered for classes by Pam Knowlton, Dickinson Law’s Registrar. You will not need to sign up for your classes on your own. Pam will be in touch with all incoming students in July with instructions for completing the Student Activity Guide in LionPATH. All incoming students must complete the Student Activity Guide before registration can be finalized.

When will I get my class schedule?

Pam Knowlton, Dickinson Law’s Registrar, will release the 1L fall class schedule in late July. Schedules will be accessible in LionPATH, and you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your schedule. For your convenience, we will also post the 1L class schedule on the admitted student portal when it is released; however, you will need to log into LionPATH to determine your section.

When will I be able to access my PSU email account?

You should have already received an email from Penn State with instructions on how to set up your Penn State Access Account, which will allow you to log into LionPATH (Penn State’s student information system), Canvas (Penn State’s learning management system), and any secure pages on Dickinson Law’s site. Please note that setting up your Access Account will not automatically give you access to Outlook (Penn State uses Office365). Penn State does not attach University email to incoming student accounts until closer to the date of matriculation. Accordingly, for the remainder of the summer, Dickinson Law will continue to communicate with you using the email address that you provided to us on your application—not your PSU email address. To update the email address that we have on file, please contact the Admissions Office.

When will I be able to access my course assignments?

As a Dickinson Law student, you will be able to access your course assignments through Canvas, Penn State’s learning management system. Please note that you will need to have activated your Penn State Access Account in order to log in to Canvas.

Because most of your professors will expect you to have completed work (usually reading) that they have assigned for the first day of class, we have posted your first assignments here so that you can complete them at your convenience prior to Orientation

I have student loans from a prior degree. How do I place them in deferment while I am in law school?

Federal rules do not allow us to certify enrollment until you are officially a student, which should occur on the first day of orientation. At that time, there are three ways to ensure that your student loans get put in deferment.

  • Take no action. Penn State will automatically send your enrollment data to the National Student Loan Database System to alert them of your in-school status. As long as your lender participates in the clearinghouse, this notification will be sufficient to place your loans in deferment status. However, please be advised that Penn State does not send this notice until after the University’s add/drop to update. If you need this requested sooner to avoid a September payment, choose one of the following two steps.
  • Request an enrollment certification on LionPATH on or after the first day of classes, and choose to have it sent to your lender.
  • Print an in-school deferment form from your loan servicer’s website and Rebecca Schreiber will be happy to complete this for you on or after the first day of orientation. You’ll then mail or fax it back to your lender.

Will I have homework due on the first day of class? If so, when and how will I be able to access my assignments?

Yes, most of your professors will expect that you have completed work (usually reading) that they have assigned for the first day of class. First assignments are currently being collected from our 1L faculty, and your first assignments will be available online via Canvas in mid-August. The Office of Student Services will notify you when first assignments are available. They will also be posted on this portal for you to complete at your convenience prior to Orientation.

How do I get my refund?

Sign up for eRefund from your LionPATH account. Student refunds can be electronically deposited into a bank account by logging into your Student Center and selecting "Manage My Account/Make a Payment" link. This will take you to the payment portal — on the left hand side, third box down, select the "Click to enroll in eRefund" link. A check will be mailed to the permanent address on file for any student who does not enroll in eRefund, resulting in a significant delay.

What if I don’t see my question on this list?

Feel free to contact the Admissions Office.


You’ll find plenty of reasonably priced housing within walking distance of campus. To help make your house-hunting easier, Dickinson Law maintains a database of available housing and apartments.

If you are a landlord or are seeking a roommate, please complete our housing list submission form for your posting to be automatically added to the Law School’s housing database.

View the Carlisle Housing List

In addition to the Law School’s list, you’ll also find available housing in the following:

IT Recommendations

Computer Recommendations and Requirements

Dickinson Law does not have a laptop requirement* and almost all devices are compatible with Penn State Wireless. If you are planning to purchase a new computer for law school, for peace of mind you should consider a full-coverage warranty (including accidental damage) for the full three years of law school (or possibly longer to cover your bar exams) if it is within your budget. There are more important things to worry about than a broken computer!

*Final Exams: Please note that if you would prefer to type your final exams, you should be aware that our current exam software, Exam4, does have minimum requirements. Only computers booting to Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac OSX 10.13.6 (High Sierra) and 10.14 (Mojave) are compatible with the current exam software when the first exam period of AY 19-20 occurs.

Please Note: iOS devices (iPads) and Chromebooks are NOT supported; however, these devices can still be used throughout the semester to take notes and draft assignments. You should also be aware that because typing an exam is not required, in the event your device is not supported, Dickinson Law IT does not maintain or provide loaner devices during the exam period and you will need to rent/borrow a computer or handwrite to take your exam.

Penn State Technology Guide Recommendations

Student Discounts

Three Sites to Know — Canvas, LionPATH, and Outlook (from the Penn State Technology Guide)

  • Canvas: Your professors may post lessons, give quizzes, and collect assignments through Canvas. This course management systems help you keep assignments organized, communicate with professors and classmates, and keep track of your grades. You can also link Canvas to University email and calendaring systems to receive up-to-date message notifications.
  • LionPATH is the student information system where you can view transcripts, access financial aid information, pay tuition bills, schedule courses, and much more.
  • Outlook is Penn State's online email client where you’ll receive all emails sent to your Penn State email address. You can organize messages into mailboxes, add signatures, access directories, and more by signing in with your Penn State Access Account.

Managing Your Accounts

Keeping Your Account Safe

  • Stay Safe Online — Watch out for email hoaxes, phishing scams, virus attacks, and malware. Don’t respond to email requests for money or personal information, and be wary of links included in the body of messages. It never hurts to contact a company representative to check if an email is valid. You can find out more about staying safe online by visiting Penn State's Online Safety and Security website:
    • Secure Penn State — Staying safe online and protecting personal and University information is an important part of being a Penn State student, faculty, or staff member. While the University has security measures in place to keep information safe, you can further protect your online privacy and data by using best practices and following some basic guidelines.
    • Symantec Antivirus DownloadListed under Virus Detection/Spyware Tools.
      To help protect yourself against viruses, download and install the free antivirus software, schedule it for automatic updates, and run a full scan on your computer at least once a week. User ID and Password are required. Be sure to use only one antivirus software per computer since multiple products could make the machine more—not less—vulnerable to attack.
  • Stay Legal — Intellectual property laws and guidelines can be complex and difficult to navigate. For information on copyright awareness, visit Copyright and Legal Media at Penn State.
Need-Based Grant Application

Priority Deadline: March 1

All financial aid applicants MUST complete a 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the relevant deadline indicated above. You may complete the FAFSA online. Please include school code 003329 (the code for all of Penn State) when completing the form and double check to ensure you are completing the correct year (2020-2021).

If you are younger than 30 years old and do not have dependents other than a spouse, you must report parent information on the FAFSA to be considered for need-based funding. If you have already completed the FAFSA without this information, you will need to file a correction online.

Students who complete the application prior to March 1 can expect their financial aid award letter by March 31. Applicants who submit their application after this date will receive an award letter 2-4 weeks after submission. We reserve the right to request additional documentation to substantiate information provided on these applications.

Complete the Need-based Grant Application.

Seat Deposit Form

Pay your deposit using our secure online form.

Travel Stipend

Because we know you’ll appreciate the Dickinson Law community when you arrive on campus, we are happy to offer some financial assistance to help defray the cost of your in-person visit.

All admitted students who visit Dickinson Law are eligible for reimbursement of up to $300 in travel costs (e.g., airfare, tolls, mileage, etc.) plus one night’s stay at the Comfort Suites in Downtown Carlisle. For your convenience, a block of rooms has been reserved at this hotel. When calling to make your reservation, please mention Dickinson Law in order for the Law School to pay for your room. Please note that only the room charge, taxes, and fees will be covered; guests are responsible for Internet access, phone calls, and meals, as well as any other expenses billed to the room. Please call 717-960-1000 to make your reservation.

Please note the following important information regarding our admitted student travel reimbursement policy:

  • Admitted students who attend an open house are entitled to reimbursement. We take great care in planning our open houses and hope that our guests enjoy all scheduled activities. If you need to leave an open house prior to the conclusion of the event, kindly notify a member of the admissions staff. Reimbursements for guests who depart early will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Admitted students who schedule a private visit are entitled to reimbursement if they sit in on a 1L class and participate in a tour of our facilities.
  • The Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement Form and the Non-Employee Information Form must be submitted to the attention of Admissions Office along with any accompanying receipts within 30 days from the date of travel.
  • Only admitted students are eligible for travel reimbursement. Although guests are welcome to attend our open house events and to accompany admitted students on scheduled visits at the Law School, Dickinson Law is unable to reimburse anyone other than the admitted student for travel costs.
  • Only one travel reimbursement request is permitted per admitted student.
  • Students who plan to combine their visit to Dickinson Law with visits to other nearby law schools must provide us with the names of those schools and the dates of those visits.
  • Students should expect to receive their reimbursement via check within 4 to 6 weeks after submitting their reimbursement forms.
  • Meals are not reimbursable expenses.
  • Additional funding may be available for individuals with demonstrated financial hardship. Please email Bekah Saidman-Krauss, Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid, with such requests.


The Bursar is responsible for processing student financial records as well as answering questions on student bursar accounts, collections, and making adjustments to accounts.

Contact Information

Penn State's Dickinson Law
Lewis Katz Hall
150 South College Street
Carlisle, PA 17013

Doris L. Orner, Financial Officer
022C Lewis Katz Hall
Phone: 717-240-5284
Email: dlo3@psu.edu

Jessica Burd, Assistant to the Financial Officer/Bursar
022B Lewis Katz Hall
Phone: 717-240-5101
Email: jlb5055@psu.edu

Completing your eBill Registration

You will receive an email notifying you when your eBill is available to view and/or pay on LionPATH. Upon receipt of the email notification, you will need to make payment or confirm that all charges will be covered by financial aid. This must be done before the due date to avoid any late fees. In all cases, regardless of the amount due, action is required to complete the registration process as follows:

    1. Go to LionPATH
    2. Select “Students” and login with your User ID and password
    3. Select “Financial” and then “Bursar Tuition Bills” from the left-hand menu
    4. Select your Tuition Bill and click “View/Pay Bill”
    5. Select either:
      1. “Without a payment” — This option will only be available if you have enough loans and scholarships to cover all charges.
      2. "Pay amount due"
      3. "Enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan" — Enroll in Penn State's deferred payment plan and pay your tuition bill in installments over three months.
                Spring Semester:
                December — 1/3 Payment Due + $45 Deferment Fee
                February 27, 2015 — 1/3 Payment Due
                March 27, 2015 — 1/3 Payment Due 
      4. "Pay other"
    6. Select “Continue”
    7. Select your method of payment and click “Continue”
      1. Make a payment using an eCheck (Note: Must be a personal checking account drawn on a U.S. bank)
        1. Complete all the information and click “Continue”
        2. Review information displayed and click “Accept/Pay Now”
      2. Make a payment using a credit card: MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express only. (Note: There is a 2.5% convenience fee charged when using a credit card.)
        1. Select “Checkout”
        2. Complete all information and select “Click here to Purchase”
      3. Print payment stub to send payment by mail
        1. Detach the bottom portion of the payment stub and mail it with your check/money order. Please write your PSU ID number on your check/money order.
      4. International Wire Transfer — peerTransfer

You will receive confirmation that your registration is complete if you pay the required amount due or enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan. If using "Pay Other" and amount paid is less than the full amount due and less than the amount needed to enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan, registration will not be completed.


eRefund is a fast and convenient way to receive your student refund. To enroll in eRefund follow these steps:

  1. Log in to LionPATH
  2. Click on "Student Home Base"
  3. Scroll to the bottom right side of the page, and click on the Quick Link “Manage Account/Make Payment”) to get to your Student Account Dashboard
  4. Select "Click to enroll in eRefund", complete the requested information.
  5. After an eRefund has been generated by Penn State to your financial institution, the process may take up to 3-5 business days before it will appear as a credit in your account. Please refer to your financial institution's policy concerning the availability of these funds.
Finance Office

The Finance Office is responsible for quality financial, accounting, and budgeting services. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service while promoting responsible fiscal stewardship and sound fiscal management of resources through adherence to University policies and procedures.

Finance Office
Penn State's Dickinson Law
150 S. College Street
Carlisle, PA 17013
Fax: 717-241-3503

Doris L. Orner, Financial Officer
022C Lewis Katz Hall
Email: dlo3@psu.edu
Phone: 717-240-5284

Jessica Burd, Assistant to the Financial Officer/Bursar
022B Lewis Katz Hall
Email: jlb5055@psu.edu
Phone: 717-240-5101