Law Lion Ambassadors

As the face of Penn State Dickinson Law, our Law Lion Ambassadors are student leaders who promote the betterment of the school through student involvement in various recruitment and development activities. All of our Law Lion Ambassadors serve as role models within the Law School community and beyond. With their diverse interests and backgrounds, they are well equipped to answer your questions about law school in general and Dickinson Law in particular. Feel free to explore their profiles and connect with them directly. Remember, our ambassadors are full-time law students who keep busy with classes, studying, and serving our law school. If for some reason you don’t receive a response to your question within 48 hours, feel free to contact our admissions team.

Meet Our Law Lion Ambassadors

Sai Nitya Bodavala '24

Sai Nitya Bodavala '24

Hyderabad, India

“I wanted a place with a small, tight-knit community, and I found it here. Everybody at Dickinson Law genuinely wants you to succeed and they do everything that they can to support your efforts and chart your path.”

Kayla Duhaney

Kayla Duhaney '23

Mount Vernon, NY

“I mostly enjoy my 1:1 time with the professors. It’s important to reach out and introduce yourself to each professor. Especially during COVID-19, “Zoom School of Law” can be a real inhibitor when it comes down to trying to foster connections. Meetings with professors gave me an opportunity to obtain information otherwise not mentioned or missed in class, gain career advice, and establish a bond with some of the greatest minds in legal education.”

Dayeon “Diane” Hong

Dayeon “Diane” Hong '24

Seoul, South Korea

“I chose Dickinson Law because of the diverse, inclusive, and warm atmosphere.”

Schenley Kent '23

Schenley Kent '23

Steelton, PA

“The number of resources available to students is phenomenal. Dickinson Law is like a smaller liberal arts school with the robust resources of a large university.”

Talia Kowalski '23

Talia Kowalski ’23

Reading, PA

“Make sure to make time for the things you love, other than law.”

Minh "Eric" Le '23

Minh "Eric" Le '23

Brooklyn, NY

“The professors at Dickinson Law are brilliant. I have connected with so many cordial and supportive professors.”

Quamaine "Q" Montgomery

Quamaine “Q” Montgomery '24

Hollywood, FL

“I love the small-town feel of Carlisle. Everyone knows everyone here. Even as a law student, I feel like I'm a part of the community.”

Jaiden Moore '24

Jaiden Moore '24

Marietta, GA

“I like the intimate environment of Dickinson Law because it has allowed me to get to know my classmates very well.”

Dennis Scoggin '23

Dennis Scoggin '23

Lemoore, CA

“My favorite thing about Dickinson Law is the cozy community. Everyone you meet here is warm and inviting.”

Aranda Stathers '23

Aranda Stathers '23

Newport News, VA

“As a first-generation law student, it is great to know that if I’m feeling overwhelmed by school or uncertain about my career trajectory, I have legal professionals in my corner who understand my motivations and who can offer me advice.”

Heather Townsend '23

Heather Townsend '23

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“I am so grateful for the community I have been welcomed into at Dickinson Law. Coming from a very large school, I am always surprised by how accessible and supportive the faculty and staff are for all students.”

Foday Turay '23

Foday Turay '23

Silver Spring, MD

“My favorite thing about Dickinson Law is the friendly community. I have created meaningful friendships and connections since my arrival.”

Eli Yemzow  '24

Eli Yemzow '24

Numidia, PA

“When choosing a law school, I recommend that you reach out to current students and ask how they like it. They can give you a good idea of the culture and what to actually expect.”