Join Us for Our Virtual Webinar Series

Pre-Law to Practice Greatness

Hosted by Dickinson Law’s Office of Admissions & Financial Aid, this series of Zoom webinars focuses on different aspects of the law school application and selection process. Various members of the Dickinson Law community, including students, faculty, and staff  are featured. Click on the links below to watch each recorded webinar.

Watch Recorded Webinars

  • From Pre-Law to Practice Greatness: Ask Us Anything! (recorded on June 10, 2021)
    Professors Mohamed Rali Badissy and Trezlen Drake respond to questions submitted by prospective and admitted students as well as pre-law advisors. Watch here

  • From Pre-Law to Practice Greatness: Academic Success Resources (recorded on May 11, 2021)
    Director of Academic Success and Bar Passage Titichia Jackson and Rebecka Bronkema ’22 discussed the services, resources, and accommodations available to help Dickinson Law students achieve their potential.  Watch here
  • From Pre-Law to Practice Greatness: Leveling Up with Special Programs (recorded on April 21, 2021)
    Assistant Professors of Law Raff Donelson and Medha Makhlouf discussed the various opportunities that Dickinson Law offers to “level up.” Many of our students choose to enhance their degrees by completing a certificate, participating in a semester-in-practice, earning an additional degree, and/or working closely with professors in their scholarly pursuits. Watch here
  • From Pre-Law to Practice Greatness: Career Services  (recorded on February 18, 2021)
    Assistant Dean of Career Services Laura Williams discussed Dickinson Law’s student-centered, individualized approach to career counseling, externship placement, and securing employment. Class of 2020 graduate Zachary Gihorski ’20, Associate Director of Public Policy at the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture in Washington, D.C.; 3L Elikem Tsikata ’21, who will clerk for Judge Jan Jurden, President Judge of the Superior Court of Delaware; and 3L Shaivya Singh ’21, who will work at an insurance defense litigation firm in Harrisburg; shared how the Career Services team assisted them with securing summer and post-graduation employment. Watch here
  • From Pre-Law To Practice Greatness: Financing Your Legal Education (recorded on December 10, 2020)
    Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Rebecca Schreiber explained the basics of law school financial aid, including what primary funding options are available, how cost of attendance affects your investment and budget, key deadlines for applying for financial aid, and more. She also shared tips and best practices from our current students, such as budgeting, employment during law school, and factoring cost into your law school decision. Watch here
  • From Pre-Law To Practice Greatness: Student Life Outside of Class (recorded on November 12, 2020)
    Dickinson Law students discussed what student life has been like for them. Although they addressed academics, this conversation predominantly focused on how these students spend their time outside of class. Topics covered include co-curricular activities (e.g., Law Review and Moot Court), extra-curricular activities (e.g., student organizations and intramural sports), and non-curricular activities (e.g., exercising, leisure reading, cooking). Watch here
  • From Pre-Law To Practice Greatness: The 1L Experience (recorded on October 8, 2020)
    Dickinson Law students Caitlin Demiral ’21, Myla Garcia ’22, and Bruce Hall ’22 discussed how they adjusted to law school during their 1L year and the various support systems and opportunities available to them at Dickinson Law. Watch here
  • From Pre-Law To Practice Greatness: Navigating the Law School Application Process (recorded on September 17, 2020)
    Current Dickinson Law students discussed their individual approaches to preparing for the LSAT, perfecting their personal (and other) statement(s), applying to law schools, and choosing the school that best suited their needs. Watch here