Community Law Clinic

(formerly known as Disability & Family Law Clinics)

The Community Law Clinic represents individuals living near or below the poverty line in matters of family law, disability law, and other areas deemed appropriate by the supervising attorneys. Law students represent clients through every level of either the state common pleas court system or the requisite federal court system. The clinic provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on training serving a segment of the population that is generally underserved because of financial hardship. Under the supervision of Clinical Professor Megan Riesmeyer, law students represent individuals involved in family law matters such as divorce, support, custody, adoption, and protection from abuse; and in disability law matters such as ability discrimination, special education, Americans with Disabilities Act claims, and Social Security Disability Claims.

Megan Riesmeyer
Megan Riesmeyer
Clinic Director and
Professor of Clinical Law

Trisha Prosser
Administrative Support
and Office Manager