S.J.D. Admission Requirements


Applicants will have already earned an LL.B., B.A., or J.D. degree from a duly accredited or recognized national or international institution of higher education, as well as either an LL.M. degree from Dickinson Law or another American Bar Association-accredited law school in the U.S. or a duly accredited or recognized foreign law faculty, or another degree equivalent to at least a Ph.D. degree.

Applicants will demonstrate professional objectives and submit a proposed course of study that aligns with the expertise and capacity of a Dickinson Law faculty member who is willing to serve as an S.J.D. faculty advisor.

Applicants will also demonstrate English language proficiency sufficient for the advanced study of law in English.

Applications shall be evaluated by the S.J.D. Admissions Committee comprised of faculty and administrators appointed by the dean or the associate dean for academic affairs. The Admissions Committee will review application for admission based on the eligibility criteria in consultation with one or more faculty members with expertise in the applicant’s proposed field of study and are likely to serve as the applicant’s faculty advisor.