LL.M. Faculty

LL.M. Faculty LL.M. students learn from a distinctive and dedicated full-time faculty complemented by an adjunct faculty of practicing attorneys and judges. Dickinson Law faculty members have spent years practicing law and they continue to engage nationally and internationally with the legal profession through pro bono litigation, mediation, advisory committees, and scholarship. Meet the Dickinson Law faculty.

As LL.M. students enroll in a wide variety of Dickinson Law courses alongside J.D. students, LL.M. students may work with all Dickinson Law faculty who have specialized expertise in particular areas of law. Among the core faculty supporting the LL.M. program include the following:

Amy GaudionAmy Gaudion
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Lawyering Skills
Email: amy.gaudion@psu.edu



Laura Ax-FultzLaura Ax-Fultz
Associate Dean for Library and Information Services
Email: lja10@psu.edu




Haley K. Costello-Essig
Visiting Assistant Professor of Law
Email: hke5088@psu.edu