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Stan Brand discusses “What happens next after Trump conviction?” on LiveNOW from Fox

Dickinson Distinguished Fellow Stanley Brand explains how the constitution’s speech or debate clause immunity for legislators may affect the government’s ability to convict Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) in his federal bribery trial in Politico

Stan Brand on Forbes Breaking News: Law Professor Unpacks Supreme Court’s Unanimous Ruling On Trump’s Ballot Eligibility Case

Are We Criminalizing the Presidency?” with Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics Resident Fellow Josh Gerstein

Stan Brand Weighs in on Claudine Gay’s Preparation for Congressional Hearing in Harvard Crimson article, “Corporation Head William Lee ’72 Helped Prepare Gay Ahead of Testimony, Highlighting Complex Dual Roles” (29 December 2023).

Bush v Gore Was Nursery School Compared to Trump v Colorado,” Forbes Newsroom, December 2023. 

Dickinson Law Professors Examine Issues Surrounding Congressional Investigative Power in Congressional Investigations and Oversight: Case Studies and Analysis (2d edition 2023) October 2023.

Stan Brand interviewed by The Conversation regarding the recent indictment — and the outlook for U.S. Senator Bob Menendez both legally and politically in “Menendez indictment looks bad, but there are defenses he can make” (24 September 2023).

An Office Transformed: How the Role of House General Counsel Has Evolved,” The National Law Journal (9 February 2023).

House Speaker McCarthy’s powers are still strong but he’ll be fighting against new rules that could prevent anything from getting done,” The Conversation (20 January 2023).

Brittney Griner’s case was difficult for US negotiators for one key reason: She was guilty,” The Conversation

Home of the whoppers: D.C. politicos’ long history of tall tales, embellishments, flat-out lies, The Washington Times

Jacqueline Alemany, Trump’s Jan. 6 subpoena is expected soon. But what happens next?, The Washington Post (20 October 2022).

Michael S. Schmidt & Luke Broadwater, The House Jan. 6 Panel Has Set a High Bar: Showing Criminality, The New York Times (17 October 2022).

Perry Stein, Tom Hamburger, Spencer S. Hsu, What does a Jan. 6 committee subpoena mean for Donald Trump?, The Washington Post (14 October 2022).

Professor Stan Brand weighs in — “Lawmakers get travel paid for by same groups who also get $100 million in taxpayer funds”  (1 March 2022).

Distinguished Fellow Stanley Brand Quoted in the New York Times article, “In Scrutinizing Trump and His Allies, Jan. 6 Panel Adopts Prosecution Tactics” (5 February 2022).

A Pennsylvania county’s voting machine review has its roots in 2020 election fraud lies — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court temporarily blocked the inspection (19 January 2022).

Professor Stan Brand on CNN discussing Jan. 6 Committee (12 January 2022).

Nik Popli, Can the Jan. 6 Committee Subpoena Lawmakers? It’s Complicated, Time (11 January 2022).

Can the Jan. 6 Committee Subpoena Lawmakers? It’s Complicated (6 January 2022).

Stanley Brand Comments on FBI Tactics in Investigations of Members of Congress (12 December 2021).

Kyle Cheney & Olivia Beavers, House GOP aide targeted in latest subpoenas from Jan. 6 select committee, Politico (30 September 2021).

Professor Brand on “Justice Dept. to probe secret subpoena for Schiff’s records on Trump’s watch” (11 June 2021).

Brand on fines for violating security screening and mask mandates (29 May 2021).

Professor Stanley Brand Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee Regarding Constitutional Framework for Congress’ Ability to Uphold Standards of Member Conduct (March 2021).

Why Congress can’t curb Trump’s power to commute Stone’s sentence and pardon others” in The Conversation (17 July 2020).

Congress may not like it when Trump fires an inspector general — but it can’t do anything to stop him (22 May 2020).

Coronavirus restrictions likely to lead to remote voting for Congress in The Conversation (24 March 2020).

NPR: How One Branch Of Government Can Sue Another (19 February 2019).

The Lawfare Podcast: Stan Brand on Congressional Subpoenas and Contempt (29 January 2019)

Carter-era ethics rulings loom over Trump kids: Professor Stan Brand weighs in (21 March 2017).

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Experts to discuss implications of voter ID laws

Professor Brand doubts courts will compel IRS chief to testify

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Roll Call review dubs new book by Professors Stan Brand and Lance Cole “a must read”