How to Apply

To be eligible for admission, an applicant for Dickinson Law’s M.L.S. program:

  • Must hold at least a B.A., B.S., or equivalent degree from a duly accredited or recognized institution of higher education in the U.S. or abroad;
  • But cannot hold a terminal degree in law from a U.S. law school (e.g., J.D., LL.M., or S.J.D./J.S.D.).

To apply for admission to the M.L.S. program, individuals must submit to the director of the program the following materials:

  • A completed application form;
  • Official academic transcripts documenting the applicant’s undergraduate degree and any prior graduate studies (with certified translations into English if necessary). All transcripts and translations must be sent directly to the director of the M.L.S. Program by the applicants’ educational institutions, not by the applicants themselves;
  • Proof of English language proficiency sufficient to complete graduate-level coursework taught in English. Such proof can take the form of:
    • Completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree at a university in the U.S. or other country where English is the official language or in a program in which courses are primarily taught in English;
    • A score of 88 points or higher on the internet-based version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); or
    • A score of 6.5 points or higher on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination;
  • One or more letters of recommendation in English (or certified translations into English) from professors or employers;
  • A curriculum vitae or résumé written in English; and
  • Personal statement or other writing sample in English.
  • Standardized test scores are not required but may be submitted at the applicant’s discretion.

Applications shall be evaluated by an M.L.S. Admissions Committee, which will:

  • Comprise one or more law school faculty members and/or administrators appointed by the Dean or by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; and
  • Periodically review applications for admission based on the eligibility criteria outlined in Section 2.b., supra.