Michael Mogill

Professor Michael Mogill

Professor of Law

Email: mam27@psu.edu
Phone: 717-240-5283

LL.M., Temple University 
J.D., Northeastern University 
B.A., University of Illinois

Mogill on Teaching

My goal is to engage students in a meaningful dialogue through the use of the Socratic method, role-playing, problem-solving, and storytelling. This interaction occurs inside and outside the classroom through my honoring a student-centered, open door policy. My teaching interests are based on my wide-ranging experiences as a practitioner, both in the public and private sector, with my current courses being Torts, Evidence, Remedies, and Products Liability. Each is taught as an intended building block for the other courses in providing an understanding and application of legal principles in a common sense manner, while reflecting upon contemporary changes in society and in the profession.

Mogill on Scholarship

My focus is on producing reality-based and practical writings based on topical issues in each of my courses, with these directed towards the application of theory to developing concepts and their impact on the practice of law, while also assuring that I bring the latest real world developments of my research into the classroom.

Mogill on Service

Our obligations as professionals include providing assistance to those who are underserved, to those institutions which serve us, and to our profession. I have worked as a legal services attorney, legislative consultant, senior associate litigator for a private law firm, and as a pro bono lawyer for both the homeless and a battered women’s shelter. In addition, I have been a member of several public service-oriented boards of directors which serve our greater community, while also volunteering as the faculty advisor to many student organizations.

Mogill on Community

We are both a product of our community and the proponents for its betterment. I strive to promote service opportunities for our students as members of the boards of various organizations, including our Chamber of Commerce, Food Bank, and United Way, as members of the Borough Council and the College Community Partners Committee, and as the direct providers of services to the recipients of social service agencies.

Mogill's Engagement with the Profession

My background includes having worked as a staff supervising and managing attorney with Georgia Legal Services in Georgia, as a senior associate litigator with a mid-sized private firm, and as a legislative lobbyist for two public service employers. I continue to be active in several professional and community service activities, creating opportunities for our students with many of these organizations. In addition, I have been a presenter for Continuing Legal Education and am active as a court-certified mediator and a court-appointed arbitrator.

Mogill's Publications

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