Education Abroad Programs

Education Abroad Programs

Dickinson Law maintains a robust education abroad program portfolio designed to provide students with opportunities to enhance their understanding of world languages, cultures, and international legal systems so that they may be better prepared as effective and internationally engaged legal practitioners.

Currently, there are two distinct education abroad program types offered to Dickinson Law students:

Dickinson Law Programs

These programs allow students to earn Dickinson Law credit through international study.  For example, the International Justice Program offers students an opportunity to work alongside senior prosecutors at the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands. Moreover, Dickinson Law offers occasional faculty-directed, short-term programs abroad that are designed and organized for student cohorts.

Foreign Institution Programs

Dickinson Law maintains exchange agreements that allow the reciprocal movement of students between institutions. For example, students may study at Radboud University in the Netherlands for a semester as an exchange student. Exchange students generally pay regular Dickinson Law tuition and fees but are in-residence abroad. One’s scholarship package applies as if on campus, provided the student is registered for a minimum of 12 credits. Students may earn a maximum of 12 transfer credits that are integrated into their degree programs at Dickinson Law. Certain restrictions may apply.

For more information, please see Education Abroad & Exchange Student Handbook, 2021-2022.

Please direct questions about education abroad programming to Dr. Anthony C. Ogden, Director of International Programs and Graduate Education, at