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Career Services Session

Profession Readiness


Our team provides programs and services that reach every law student throughout his or her three years at Dickinson Law. We encourage every student to visit or call our office to learn more about how we can assist with job searching and career planning.

Our primary interaction is through individual and group career counseling. During your counseling sessions, we work with you to determine a career path that matches your interests with the demands of the marketplace. We also work to develop a strategy for achieving your career goals. We discuss broad career-related issues as well as the nitty-gritty of résumé and cover letter drafting. We also put you in touch with alumni and other practicing attorneys to enable you to develop a professional network.

Our team offers:

  • résumé and cover letter writing
  • interviewing and networking skills
  • mentoring
  • job search skills and legal practice area programs
  • year-round job recruitment
  • onsite recruitment programs

Building Your Network

Part of what makes a legal career successful is the strength of your relationships and connections. Dickinson Law boasts 8,457 alumni and the Penn State Alumni network is one of the largest in the world with more than 692,000 living alums. Dickinson Law offers several opportunities for students to begin building their professional network and developing mentorship relationships, starting the first semester of law school. The Career Services Office organizes an annual speed-networking event that provides students with the opportunity to practice their elevator speeches and be introduced to alumni practitioners. Additionally, students interact with alumni practitioners in Problem-Solving I: The Lawyer and Client during their first semester and continue to develop an understanding of how they might utilize their law degree through meeting attorneys from various sectors of practice during their second semester course, Practicing Law in a Global World: Contexts & Competencies. As part of this course, students conduct informational interviews with attorney practitioners to learn more about possible legal career paths.

During their second and third years of law school, Dickinson Law students continue to develop connections with attorneys in practice by engaging with on-site attorney supervisors as part of the Internship or Semester-in-Practice programs. Additionally, professional development and leadership opportunities abound. Students may choose to participate in the Leading Law Students Program or other pro bono activities through the Miller Center for Public Interest Law and Advocacy that allows them to engage with the greater southcentral Pennsylvania community through nonprofit board service or other volunteer work.