Samantha J. Prince

Assistant Professor of Law and Director of Legal Analysis and Writing

Samantha Prince is an Assistant Professor of Law and the Director of Legal Analysis & Writing. Her research and scholarship explore outdated laws negatively impacting workers in our evolving world. From the standpoint of the platform economy, workers are not easily classified as either employees or independent contractors. Professor Prince has written on the issues with worker classification, focusing primarily on the platform economy. In addition, our current workforce is more transient than it was when 401(k) plan regulations were originally adopted. Professor Prince is analyzing the current 401(k) plan rules, such as the permissible vesting schedules to show the negative impact on retirement savings during a time when workers are more transient. As part of this research, Professor Prince will address how employee churn, which can be deliberate and part of the business model in some businesses like Amazon, negatively impacts workers, particularly those of color, from the standpoint of their 401(k) retirement savings. 

Professor Prince founded and moderates Inside Entrepreneurship Law — a blog featuring posts written by students that provide helpful legal information to entrepreneurs and their counsel. Additionally, she implemented mobile student-led entrepreneurial workshops on various topics.

In March, 2019, Dickinson Law students and Professor Prince were featured in an article by Llewellyn King of White House Chronicle, “Will Smart Cities Be Haven for New Kind of Lawyer?”.

Professor Prince's interests in partnering with entrepreneurs stem from her extensive practice experience. For over 20 years, she partnered with entrepreneurs during their start-up phases and beyond. At Hedger and Hedger, a boutique transactional law firm, she handled business transactions, including tax, contracts (domestic and international), mergers/acquisitions, employee classification issues, and securities offerings (private and public). She also represented a company through its IPO and afterward as the primary drafter of its securities disclosure documents.

Select Publications by Professor Prince

“The AB5 Experiment — Should States Adopt California’s Worker Classification Law?,” American University Business Law Review, forthcoming March 2022.

“The Shoe’s About to Drop: Understanding the Current Worker Classification Landscape in Preparation for a Changed World,” University of Memphis Law Review, forthcoming March 2022.

Entrepreneurship Law: Company Creation (free open source textbook)

“Facilitating Distinctive and Meaningful Change Within U.S. Law Schools (Part 2): Pursuing Successful Plan Implementation Through Better Resource Management,” 18 U.N.H. L. Rev. 173 (2020) (with Patrick H. Gaughan).


Samantha J. Prince


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LL.M., Taxation, Georgetown University Law Center

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