Profiles in Leadership

Dr. Dayna Bowen Matthew

“Not a Moment, but a Movement” with George Washington University Law Dean Dayna Bowen Matthew


William Tong

“Firewall” with Connecticut Attorney General William Tong


Martin H. Brinkley

“Carolinian” with University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Law Dean Martin Brinkley

Ivan Fong

“The Lawyer Statesperson” with Medtronic General Counsel Ivan Fong


Stephanie Couch

“STEM” with Lemelson-MIT Executive Director Stephanie Couch


Teresa Artis

“The Art of Communication” with TWR Counsel Teresa Artis


Arti Rai

“Innovation and the Administrative State” with Duke University Law Professor Arti Rai


James Grimmelmann

“The Laboratorium” with Cornell University Law Professor James Grimmelmann


Joe Allen

“The Importance of Building Coalitions” with Bayh-Dohl Coalition Executive Director Joe Allen


Nick Groombridge

“Speed and the Boundaries of Disaster” with Groombridge Wu Baughman & Stone Founding Partner Nick Groombridge


Justin Schwartz

“Profiles in Leadership Interview” with Penn State University Provost Justin Schwartz


Peter Yu

“The Craft of Prodigious Scholarship” with Texas A&M University Law Professor Peter Yu


Michael Madison

“Future Law” with Pittsburgh University Law Professor Michael Madison


Diane Wood

“When to Hold, When to Fold, and When to Reshuffle” with American Law Institute Director | Retired US Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit Chief Judge Diane Wood


John Yang and Esther Lim

“Advancing Justice” with Asian Americans Advancing Justice President and Executive Director John Yang and
Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner Chief Diversity Officer and Partner Esther Lim


Andrei Iancu

“Renewing American Innovation” with Sullivan & Cromwell Partner Andrei Iancu


Lateef Mtima

“Trailblazing Social Justice” with Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice Director | Howard University Law Professor Lateef Mtima


Susan Poser

“Madam President” with Hofstra University President Susan Poser


Bruce Berman

“Investing in Awareness” with Brody Berman Associates CEO Bruce Berman


Scott Frank

“Building Alliances” with Founder US IP Alliance | Chief IP Counsel AT&T Scott Frank


Lisa Jorgenson

“Inclusive Innovation” with World IP Organization Deputy Director General Lisa Jorgenson


Tim Holbrook

“Engaged for Impact” with Emory Vice-Provost Tim Holbrook


Roberte Makowski

“Feeding the World” with FMC Chief IP Counsel Roberte Makowski


Gregory Mandel

“Perseverance Conquers” with Temple University Provost Gregory Mandel


Leah Chan Grinvald

“Rebels” with University of Las Vegas Law Dean Leah Chan Grinvald