June 2021 — Professor Amy C. Gaudion served as an invited guest at the U.S. Army War College’s annual National Security Seminar in June 2021.

The National Security Seminar is a three-day event that creates an environment for Army War College students and invited guests to examine current national security issues and exchange candid dialogue. NSS takes place during the first full week of June, immediately preceding resident class graduation, and serves as a capstone event that enhances student learning through exposure to a cross-section of American perspectives.

NSS provides a forum for distinguished speakers to discuss their views on issues of importance to the nation's security and welfare with invited guests, resident students, International Fellows, staff and faculty. NSS guests are introduced to future Professor Gaudion leaders of the American armed forces and government, and in turn permits our students to gain a better understanding of the society they serve.

Approximately 160 invitees join resident student seminar groups for the event. NSS guests come from across the country and are a cross-section of American life, representing a broad range of occupations, geographic regions, and age groups. Since this is an outreach program with a limited number of seats, we intentionally invite guests that do not have a close association with the military. This has the effect of encouraging a free and frank exchange of differing views among participants.

Six or seven NSS guests are assigned to each of the 25 student seminar groups. They are invited to become active participants in the discussions and are encouraged to probe and examine the seminar group's ideas vigorously to provide our students the benefit of their personal experience and perspectives.

Amy C. Gaudion is the associate dean for academic affairs and professor of lawyering skills at Penn State Dickinson Law. Her scholarship focuses on national security law, cyberspace, and civilian-military relations, and she leads Dickinson Law’s national security and cyberspace programs.