Lance ColeMarch 2021 — Professor Lance Cole has joined the Academic Advisory Council of The American Museum of Tort Law. The American Museum of Tort Law is a nonprofit, educational institution founded by consumer protection and government reform advocate Ralph Nader and is the world’s first museum dedicated to the law.

The mission of the museum is to educate the public about the benefits of tort law and the importance of trial by jury in our legal system. The museum’s exhibits and educational initiatives focus on tort law’s pivotal role in the protection of personal freedom and safety, and celebrate the historical and contemporary achievements of the civil justice system.

Professor Cole was invited to join the museum’s Academic Advisory Council because of his expertise in corporate crime and government regulation of business. As a member of the Academic Advisory Council, Professor Cole will assist the museum’s Executive Director and professional staff in developing educational initiatives and exhibits relating to corporate crimes and torts, corporate accountability, and related matters.

Professor Lance Cole is an expert on business law, corporate securities law, white collar crime, and the law of congressional investigations and oversight. His research and scholarship focus primarily on the conduct and defense of governmental investigations. He is the co-author of a law school textbook, Congressional Investigations and Oversight: Case Studies and Analysis, and has published numerous law review articles on government law and policy topics. Professor Cole has extensive law practice and public service experience, including service as a legal adviser to the 9/11 Commission and as a special counsel to the United States Senate Special Committee on Whitewater.