Michael A. BlasieMay 2021 — Professor Michael Blasie presented at the Empire State Legal Writing Conference. His presentation, titled From Nice to Necessary: The Rise of Plain Language Laws, explored the proliferation of legal writing statutes that require lawyers to write using plain language standards.

The Empire State Legal Writing Conference gathered law school professors from across the country to present on the latest legal writing scholarship. Building on his decade of litigation experience and prior publications on persuasive writing, Professor Blasie presented From Nice to Necessary: The Rise of Plain Language Laws, where he discussed the rise in plain language statutes across the country and the effect on the legal community.

Professor Michael Blasie brings his decade of litigation experience in trial and appellate courts to researching and teaching legal writing. His scholarship focuses on persuasive writing and the phrasing of legal standards. He has authored a seventeen-part legal writing series for practitioners, co-authored the treatise on Colorado Appellate Law and Practice, and published his scholarship in the New York University Annual Survey of American Law and the DePaul Law Review.