Dr. Anthony C. Ogden

Meet Dr. Anthony C. Ogden

Director, International Programs and Graduate Education

Hometown: I am originally from a small town in Kentucky. It was not until college that I really ever stepped foot outside of Kentucky, and what a wonderful world I discovered. Since then, I have lived and traveled all around the world, including visiting more than 80 countries.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Dickinson Law? I may just have the best job on campus! I get to work with our many international students, who represent some of the best and brightest students and scholars from all around the world. I also get to work with our graduate programs, namely the LL.M., M.L.S. and S.J.D. programs.

A Dickinson Law favorite: Although I have worked for nearly 30 years in international higher education, I am rather new to legal education. I find the law school context fascinating, especially all of the legal jargon!

Best piece of advice for anyone considering Dickinson Law: There is no such thing as a domestic career. Learn as much as you can about the international dynamics of law. Begin now with building personal and professional networks around the world.

Favorite thing to do in your spare time: I maintain an active research agenda focused on international higher education and often find myself researching and writing. I’ve published quite a few articles and edited several books. Try to find them!

You’d never guess… : I hold a traditional title in Cameroon called “Shey Ngiri.” I lived in Japan for many years and speak Japanese. And, I am a proud Kentucky Colonel.  

Life before Dickinson Law: Over the course of my career, I’ve held international education leadership positions at Pennsylvania State University, the University of Kentucky, Michigan State University, and the University of Wyoming. I also manage my own consulting firm focused on international higher education. I completed my bachelor’s degree from Berea College and then later studied at the SIT Graduate Institute where I earned a master’s degree in International and Intercultural Management (MIIM), with a specialization in international education. I also completed a doctorate at Penn State in Educational Theory and Policy with a dual title in Comparative and International Education. I have also received three Fulbright awards.

Three words to describe yourself: Outgoing, adventurous, progressive

Favorite books:  One of the many books that have shaped how I engage with the world is Chinua Achebe’s 1958 novel, Things Fall Apart.