Makhsharbek Rakhimov

Makhsharbek RakhimovHome Country: Uzbekistan

Life Before Dickinson Law:
I hold an LL.M. from Penn State Law, where I was a full tuition waiver awardee and LL.M. Justice in Students’ Bar Association, and an LL.B. from Tashkent State University of Law where I appeared several times in Dean’s top 50 students list.

My interests include International commercial arbitration, corporate law and trial advocacy. I had a chance to practice law in a local top law firm where I worked with clients in a variety of industries, including the construction, technology, retail and insurance.

Research Focus:
My scholarship draws on my background and interest in international commercial arbitration and commercial law. My S.J.D. will study the delicate and long-lasting balance between cost, speed and quality in a fast-track arbitration. Specifically, my thesis will explore the origins of international commercial arbitration, the evolution of the procedure as well as to what disputes a fast-track arbitration procedure could or should be used.

Advice for Prospective Law Students:
If you have already thought about doing your further scholarship and you precisely know what issues you want to address and study — join Dickinson Law S.J.D. program. It is never late nor early to start doing something. Do it if you want to do it and take active steps towards your future academic dreams.