Lutie Lytle Standards for Travel Scholarships

Lutie Lytle

The Lutie A. Lytle Collective is pleased to be able to offer limited financial support in some instances where participants would be unable to attend the conference without such support. While the collective is happy to have some resources available to support such requests, in making any awards, the Scholarship Committee is governed by the need to carefully steward these resources to effectuate the central scholarly and mentoring mission of the Collective. Below are the core standards for scholarship awards.

  1. Applicants with even limited institutional travel and research accounts are expected to prioritize attendance at Lutie in the use of institutional funds.
  2. Applicants must first seek funding from their own institutions. Should these institutional requests be denied, applicants must advise the Scholarship Committee of these denials.
  3. There is a strong preference for prioritizing scholarship awards to untenured scholars currently working as law professors, and whose work performance, or the availability of promotion and tenure at their institutions, is explicitly judged by the production of scholarship.
  4. There is also a preference for prioritizing awards to applicants who are seeking to enter law teaching and who demonstrate engagement with the scholarly enterprise.
  5. Both full and partial scholarship recipients who are either aspiring law professors or who are pre-tenure must present their own work at the conference, whether in short (incubator) or long form (WIP). Tenured scholarship participants must either present their own work, or, in the alternative, may serve as discussants or paper reviewers.
  6. Generally, scholarship recipients seeking to enter law school teaching must be currently and actively engaged in seeking full-time law teaching positions or must intend to enter the law teaching market within two years after attendance at the Lutie conference.
  7. Scholarship recipients must attend the entire main conference. If recipients seek funding to attend the writing portions of the workshop, they must attend all such portions.
  8. Financial support for lodging is based on double-occupancy. Room sharing will be waived only if a recipient is travelling with minor children and/or an accompanying caregiver.

To apply for a Lutie Travel Scholarship, please click here. Please understand that resources for scholarships are limited and for fullest consideration, we recommend that you apply for assistance by May 15.