About Dickinson Law Review

Founded in 1897 as The Forum, Penn State’s Dickinson Law Review is one of the oldest legal journals in the nation and the flagship publication of Dickinson Law of the Pennsylvania State University.

The Dickinson Law Review is a student-run journal that serves the legal community by publishing articles and commentary on timely legal topics. Each of the Law Review’s issues contain articles, essays, and book reviews by leading professors, judges, and practitioners from around the country and world. The Law Review also publishes student-authored comments that provide original analyses of recent developments in the law. Additionally, the Law Review’s Editorial Board organizes symposia and hosts scholarly dialogues with authors to discuss forthcoming and recently published articles.

The Dickinson Law Review is held in high esteem by the legal community and competes with other top publications for submissions. During its 123-year history, the Law Review’s articles and student-authored comments have been regularly cited in court opinions, legal journals, treatises, and casebooks.

The Dickinson Law Review is composed of an editorial board, senior editors (third-year students), and associate editors (second-year students). One-half of the Law Review’s members are selected based on their first-year grades and one-half are selected based on their performance in a write-on competition. (There are additional requirements set forth in the Dickinson Law Review’s Constitution and Bylaws).

For more information, please email Dickinson Law Review’s Editor-in-Chief at DickinsonLRevEIC@psu.edu.

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