Gaudion in the Media

#ScholarStrike Racial Justice Teach-In: Building a Faculty-wide Race and Equal Protection of the Law Curriculum for 1Ls presented by Dean Conway, Dean Gaudion, and Professor Groome 

Four ways scholars say we can cut the chances of nasty satellite data surprises, July 10, 2019

Professor Gaudion moderates a panel discussion on the Apple v. FBI case at Dickinson Law

Professor Gaudion discusses the Apple v. FBI case and government surveillance in the post-Snowden era as part of the “Breaking Issue” series hosted by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues

Professor Gaudion discusses the rise of ISIS and the limits of U.S. war powers at Dickinson College

Professor Gaudion discusses legality of military drones with WITF Smart Talk

Filming begins as national security, civil rights experts put U.S. drone program on trial

Top scholars challenge conventional national security wisdom in interdisciplinary journal

Professor Amy Gaudion comments to WHYY on evolving role of Vice President

Professor Gaudion speaks at Elizabethtown College on "After Bin Laden: Stuxnet, Drones and the New Middle East, World Affairs Council of Harrisburg" 

New interdisciplinary publication launched 

Veep pick should be "more than just a running mate" writes Amy Gaudion in NYT online

Retired general to address legal and policy dilemmas of Guantanamo detention center

Legal Advisor for the World on Trial program

Executive Editor of the Penn State Journal of Law & International Affairs (JLIA)

Member of Carnegie Council's Global Ethics Network