Mae QuinnDecember 2022 — Associate Dean for Experiential Education Mae C. Quinn was tapped to serve as a senior scholar facilitator for this fall’s Clinical Law Review Writers’ Workshop at New York University Law School. A former member of the Clinical Law Review editorial board, Quinn worked throughout the day with several junior scholars including Maria Dooner from American University School of Law, Haiyun Damon Feng from New York University Law School, Christine Speidel from Villanova Law School, Lauren Rogal from Vanderbilt School of Law. Their works in progress, largely growing from clinic-based experiences, focused on administrative and tax law issues. Quinn’s advocacy, publication experience, and past scholarly work including Wealth Accumulation at Elite Colleges, Endowment Taxation, and the Unlikely Story of How Donald Trump Got One Thing Right, featured in Wake Forest Law Review, helped inform the conversation.

Professor Mae C. Quinn brings over 25 years of experience as a practicing attorney, civil rights advocate, and leader in the legal academy to her role as associate dean of experiential education. She has successfully taught across the entire law school curriculum, including legal writing, doctrinal, seminar, field placement/practicum, trial advocacy, and clinical legal education courses. She and her law students have also recently filed amicus briefs with the United States Supreme Court and state high courts in several important criminal and youth justice matters. Her scholarship, cited widely by courts, advocates and academics alike, has been published in leading journals including the Boston College Law Review, BYU Law Review, Iowa Law Review, SMU Law Review, Wake Forest Law Review, Washington and Lee Law Review, Harvard Journal of Gender and Law, and New York University Review of Law and Social Change.