Anisha Reddy ‘19“I really cherish all of the opportunities I’ve had that brought me where I am today.”

Anisha Reddy works with concepts. As a Policy Counsel at Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), a non-profit based in Washington D.C., she analyzes issues so cutting edge, in some cases, the laws governing them have not even been contemplated, much less drafted. “I’m constantly learning new concepts and analyzing new issues, and every day challenges me to think outside of the box,” said Reddy.

For her work examining how emerging technologies and legal frameworks impact youth and education privacy, Reddy collaborates with privacy and data protection experts, academics, chief privacy officers, and practitioners. She initially joined FPF as a postgraduate fellow, an opportunity shared with her by Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Lawyering Skills Amy Gaudion and Anne Toomey McKenna, Esq.

She credits Dickinson Law for helping refine her career focus, too. Entering law school, she held an interest in intellectual property law, but after taking classes on internet law and international human rights, she realized her interests had shifted to the intersection of technology, human rights, and the law. She built on that interest with in-house summer internships at Blockchain and Udacity, and then she discovered another passion.

“A really formative experience at Dickinson Law was my time at the Children’s Advocacy Clinic with Professor of Clinical Law and Children’s Advocacy Clinic Director Lucy Johnston-Walsh, where I realized my passion for youth advocacy,” said Reddy. “My current position brings together all of my interests in a unique way. At FPF, I have the opportunity to engage deeply with and impact privacy and children’s rights through scholarship and policy.”