William E. Butler

William E. ButlerJohn Edward Fowler Distinguished Professor of Law

Email: web15@psu.edu
Phone: 717-240-5227

LL.D., University of London
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
LL.M., School of Law of the Academy University of Law, Institute of State and Law, Russian Academy of Sciences
J.D., Harvard Law School
M.A., Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
B.A., The American University

History of International Law Seminar
International Investment Transactions
International Law
Law of the Sea
Law of Treaties
Russian Law Seminar

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William E. Butler is the preeminent authority on the law of Russia and other former Soviet republics and the author, co-author, editor, or translator of more than 120 books on Soviet, Russian, Ukrainian and other Commonwealth of Independent States legal systems. He edits the journal Russian Law, published by the Russian Academy of Legal Sciences; the East European and Russian Yearbook of International and Comparative Law, published by The Vinogradoff Institute; and numerous other scholarly journals. 

Professor Butler is an Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and is serving his fourth term as a member of the Russian International Court of Commercial Arbitration. He recently was appointed to the Panel of Distinguished Neutrals as an arbitrator of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution.

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The Russian Legal Practitioner (Eleven Publishers, 2011)

Russia and the Law of Nations in Historical Perspective (Wildy, Simmonds & Hill, 2009) 

Russian Law (Oxford University Press, 3d ed., 2009) 

International Law and the Russian Legal System (edited by B. L. Zimnenko, ed. & transl., Eleven International Publishing, 2007) 

Spitsbergen: Legal Regime of Adjacent Marine Areas (edited by A. N. Vylegzhanin and V. K. Zilanov, ed. & transl., Eleven International Publishing, 2007) 

Russian Foreign Relations and Investment Law (Oxford University Press, 2006) 

Russia & The Republics: Legal Materials (Juris Publishing Inc., 2006 (loose-leaf service) 

Russian Public Law: The Foundations of a Rule-of-Law State - Legislation and Documents (Wildy, Simmonds & Hill, 2005) 

The Law of Treaties in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States(Cambridge University Press, 2002) 

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Soviet Law (London: Butterworths, 1983; 2d ed., 1988)

The History of International Law in Russia, 1647-1917 (edited by V. E. Grabar, ed. & transl., Oxford: University Press, 1990)

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