Tiffany Jeffers

Tiffany Jeffers

Assistant Professor of Legal Writing and Director of Bar Preparation

Phone: 717-241-3539

J.D., Pennsylvania State University, The Dickinson School of Law
B.A., Spelman College

Jeffers on Teaching

My goal in teaching is to prepare students to become effective communicators and practitioners by developing their analytical, writing, and oral advocacy skills. The ability to analyze and synthesize information is a critical component of being a successful lawyer. Lawyers that possess the ability to write persuasively can combine their written work with oral advocacy techniques to ensure that they are utilizing the most important skills necessary for success in the practice of law. I seek to cultivate lawyers who are effective practitioners in the real world by teaching students how to think within an analytical framework and subsequently apply that analysis to their written work.

Jeffers on Service

I believe that the most effective lawyers are those who are committed to service. Lawyers are inherently beholden to their clients, constituents and communities. Determining and assessing the needs of clients and acknowledging the service component of the legal profession is the key to providing quality representation.

Obtaining a legal education is a privilege. It is important to seek out opportunities to provide service that improves the lives of others and effectuates positive change in society. Lawyers who engage in service to their clients and community bolster the credibility of the legal profession while simultaneously providing personal fulfillment and satisfaction in their own lives.

Jeffers on Community

I enjoy having a sense of community with students. I am open to sharing my personal successes and failures to provide encouragement and guidance. I want students to feel comfortable asking for advice from someone who has walked the path they currently tread. Additionally, I strive to help students navigate their time in law school to ensure that they succeed in finding a meaningful and rewarding career that they are passionate about.

Jeffers' Engagement with the Profession

I served as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Baltimore County, Maryland for more than seven years. I have tried numerous misdemeanor and felony cases. As a trial attorney, I learned how to quickly and effectively respond in high pressure situations. I enjoyed helping victims and witnesses of crime navigate the complex criminal justice system. As a prosecutor, I was responsible for ensuring that dangerous criminals were held responsible for their offenses, while also providing an opportunity for rehabilitation when appropriate. Helping victims of violent crime find some sense of closure was personally rewarding. My top priority was always to seek the truth and ensure that justice and equity were displayed in the cases I handled.

Jeffers' Outside Interests

I am married and have two young children. I enjoy spending quality time with my family. My husband and I love traveling abroad, but have taken a hiatus as we raise two toddlers. I am passionate about food as medicine and the mind body spirit connection. I also spend a fair amount of time watching HGTV and would love to remodel an older home one day.