Policy on Audiovisual Recordings

All Law School courses occur in classrooms equipped with audiovisual telecommunications equipment that is capable of making an audiovisual recording of each class session as it occurs. In order to provide the potential educational benefits of recorded classes to our students, the school records and archives, for a limited period of time, all class sessions occurring in our classrooms. The purpose of the recordings is to permit students enrolled in each recorded course to access the recordings outside of the regularly scheduled class period, according to rules established by the professor.

Access to recorded classes will be controlled via a secure course management platform, such as CANVAS, and will be restricted to students enrolled in the recorded course, the professor, and those University IIT personnel necessary to maintain the system. All recordings will be deleted following the conclusion of the semester in which the recorded course occurs (unless all identifying student images are edited out of the recording, in which case the professor and school jointly may decide to retain the edited recording for other purposes).

By registering for or attending Law School courses, you consent to the school’s making and display of class recordings within the scope of this policy. Students are prohibited from recording any portion of a class session by any means without first obtaining the professor’s express written permission to record that class session or any portion thereof. A violation of this policy is a violation of the Student Honor Code.