October 3

Professor Terry helps establish international support network for regulators

October 3, 2012

Professor Laurel Terry, the Harvey A. Feldman Distinguished Faculty Scholar, attended the first of its kind International Conference of Legal Regulators last week which ended with a commitment to set up an international network of lawyer regulators. During this London conference, legal regulators from jurisdictions around the world met to exchange ideas, compare practices, and explore ways to improve collaboration in the future.

“I am extremely pleased that the U.K. Solicitors Regulation Authority organized this conference. Not only was it an excellent conference, in and of itself, but it provided an opportunity for lawyer regulators from around the world to express their commitment to continuing these types of exchanges” said Terry, who facilitated a final session of the conference where participants overwhelmingly agreed to establish the new network. "Because lawyer regulators around the world have interests in common and face similar challenges, it would be useful for 'day job' lawyer regulators to have a mechanism for locating and communicating with one another,” Terry said. She explained that regulators in the antitrust, securities, banking, and other fields participate in global networks that allow them to collaborate and exchange ideas and that the time was 'ripe' for a similar network for legal regulators.

The International Conference of Legal Regulators was organized by the U.K. Solicitors Regulation Authority, which is the “front-line” regulator for solicitors in England and Wales. The conference provided a platform for legal regulators worldwide to share their challenges and ideas. More than 100 professionals from Australia, Africa, Asia, Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. attended the event. The U.S. representatives included Nebraska Chief Justice Michael G. Heavican, vice president of the Conference of Chief Justices; Franklin Harrison, chair of the National Conference of Bar Examiners; Robert Hawley, deputy executive director of the State Bar of California; and Gene Shipp, chief regulatory counsel in the D.C. Office of Bar Counsel and a past president of the National Organization of Bar Counsel.

During the past year, Terry has written a law review article and given presentations calling for the creation of a global network of lawyer regulators. Terry’s conference presentation is available online.


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