September 19

Professor Laurel Terry helps guide legal profession's response to globalization

September 19, 2013

Professor Laurel Terry played a leading role in developing Resolution 104, which the American Bar Association (ABA) adopted at its August 2013 Annual Meeting. Resolution 104 encourages U.S. lawyer regulatory authorities to coordinate with their foreign regulatory counterparts and to enter into voluntary arrangements to facilitate the exchange of information to the extent that it is consistent with the jurisdictions’ own rules. The American Bar Association establishes model ethical rules and policies to guide the legal profession; the Model Rules and ABA policies have been widely adopted by U.S. states. 

A scholar of legal ethics and regulation of lawyers, Professor Terry is a member of the ABA committee that prepared this resolution and author of several articles cited in the accompanying report. “This resolution was an important step forward because right now, lawyer regulators from one country may not know how to contact lawyer regulators in another country. This resolution encourages lawyer regulators to open up lines of communication and to cooperate with each other where appropriate.” Terry noted that with approximately $7.5 billion in legal services exports from the U.S. and more than $1.5 billion in legal services imports, there is an increasing need for lawyer regulators from one jurisdiction to communicate with the lawyer regulators in other jurisdictions. 

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