February 20

Professor Laurel Terry gives prestigious Gertler Family Lecture

February 20, 2013

Professor Laurel Terry, the Harvey A. Feldman Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law at Penn State's Dickinson Law, was selected to give the fifth Gertler Family Lectureship in Law Honoring the Robert McKercher Family at the University of Saskatchewan College of Law.  She spoke on January 15 about global trends in lawyer regulation and the applicability of those trends to the practice of law in Canada. (Watch video.) 

“Globalization and technology changes have led to new questions in the field of lawyer regulation.  Regulators around the world are having to rethink the ‘who-what-when-where-why-and-how’ of lawyer regulation”  said Professor Terry, whose work most recently has focused on global trends in lawyer regulation, regulatory objectives for the legal profession, and the need to create a global umbrella organization for lawyer regulators.  Her prior work focused on structural reforms in Australia and the UK, legal outsourcing, and the application of the World Trade Organization’s GATS agreement to legal services.  “The dramatic changes found in the 2007 UK Legal Services Act have led lawyers, regulators, and stakeholders around the world to ask what the global impact of those changes will be and whether they should follow the UK’s lead.  Canada has been one of the global leaders in considering these issues, along with other issues raised by technology and globalization changes.”   

Prior honorees of the Gertler Family Lectureship in Law are:

  • Former Canadian Minister of Justice Allan Rock, 
  • Professor David Luban from Georgetown, 
  • Supreme Court of Canada Justice Thomas Cromwell, and 
  • Canadian Assembly of First Nations National Chief Shawn Atleo. 

Professor Terry’s presentation at the University of Saskatchewan builds on her participation in two major conferences held last year in New York and in London regarding globalization and the legal profession.

Terry’s article on Global and Canadian Trends in Lawyer Regulation will be published in the 2013 Future of Law Symposium issue of the University of Saskatchewan Law Review.






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