September 24

Dickinson Law Professors to attend Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers Conference

Dickinson Law Professors Terry and MarionSeptember 24, 2015 — Professors Laurel Terry and Camille Marion will be attending the fourth annual Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers (ETL) Conference in Denver from October 1-3.

Dickinson Law is a member school in the Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers initiative, which is dedicated to aligning legal education with the needs of an evolving profession. “The legal market is changing, and legal employers and members of the profession are increasingly calling on law schools to change the way they educate lawyers. Meanwhile, more information, data, and resources are being developed to help law schools and legal educators improve their programs and demonstrate greater value to students and the profession. Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers is at that intersection, bringing the profession and law schools together to solve the challenges before us.”

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