February 8


Dickinson Law was named a best school for public service and a top school for both trial advocacy and alternative dispute resolution in the winter 2018 issue of preLaw Magazine.

Dickinson Law topped the list for government job employment and ranked among the top 12 schools for clerkships. “In this current legal education environment, it’s like real estate. Location is really, really important,” said Professor of Law Lance Cole, who also serves as director of Dickinson Law’s Center for Government Law and Public Policy Studies. Because of Dickinson Law’s location near Pennsylvania’s capital and about two hours from Washington, D.C, third-year law students can take advantage of its Semester-in-Harrisburg and Semester-in-Washington, D.C. programs, where they can live, take a seminar and work at a government agency, such as the Department of Justice, or the Governor’s Office of General Counsel. Both cities provide a wealth of government law employment options.    

For the second consecutive year, the Law School earned an ‘A’ for its trial advocacy program. Trial advocacy skills are in high demand and opportunities to cultivate and master these skills are a key component of Dickinson Law's profession-ready curriculum. Hands-on opportunities to help law students hone their trial advocacy skills are offered as early as the first semester of law school, including the bi-annual Medical-Legal Colloquium. In collaboration with pediatric medicine residents from nearby Penn State Children’s Hospital, first-, second- and third-year law students can be active participants in the courtroom while presenting an abbreviated civil trial centered on the issues of proving and defending against claims of medical negligence.

Dickinson Law also earned an ‘A- for its alternative dispute resolution program. As part of its upper-level curriculum, students may take a prescribed combination of core and elective courses to earn a Certificate in Litigation and Dispute Resolution with concentrations in Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, or Dispute Resolution.

Job placement data, school curriculum, and debt and loan repayment options were used by preLaw Magazine to identify the best schools in public service. To compile its Trial Advocacy and Alternative Dispute Resolution lists, preLaw Magazine graded law schools based on the breadth of their curricular offerings.

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