September 15

Andreas Hanke Gives Presentation at Dickinson Law

Andreas Hanke gave a special presentation on "The Transnational Family: An International Lawyers's Perspective," when he visited Penn State's Dickinson Law on September 10-11, 2015. Hanke, from the Berlin, Germany law firm of Norbert W. Kirsch, shared his expertise in representing U.S. and Canadian family members in family law disputes in Germany. He also counsels families who are “relocated,” often in connection with global employment, and has been a visiting researcher in the United States at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, and has worked with ABA teams on international family law matters. He also advises families on rights or obligations in matters pending before the European Court of Human Rights.

Hanke is collaborating on an article with Dickinson Law's Professor Katherine C. Pearson.

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