Pass/Fail Rules

Students may elect to take a course Pass/Fail during the first three weeks of the semester. The following rules apply to Pass/Fail courses:

  1. A student may take only one course Pass/Fail during their entire J.D. program.
  2. A student who receives a grade below C+ in a Pass/Fail course will have the letter grade actually earned entered on the transcript and used for all purposes. A student who earns a grade of C+ or higher will have a "P" entered on the transcript, and the course is then ignored in the computation of grade point averages. The actual letter grade is not provided to the student.
  3. The Pass/Fail rules are in effect for any Summer Sessions and Study Abroad Programs. Credits earned in Summer Programs on a Pass/Fail basis are treated as though earned in the succeeding academic year.
  4. Review the Co-Curricular Credit Rules for additional information regarding courses taken under the pass/fail option.
  5. Only courses designated "Pass/Fail eligible" by the professor in the registration materials may be elected Pass/Fail. Students may not elect the Pass/Fail option for Required Courses, Seminars, or courses that a student is required to take for a certificate or elects to apply to a certificate.


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