Academic Advising

Academic Advisors

All Dickinson Law students are assigned a full-time faculty member as an academic advisor. Information on your academic advisor is available on LionPATH in the Advisor Information application.

You may also contact the Office of the Law School Registrar to learn who is assigned to be your academic advisor.

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs is available to advise any student, but in particular, you should consider the Associate Dean as your advisor when your regular faculty advisor is away on sabbatical or other leave.

In addition, the Office for Student Services and the Office of the Law School Registrar are available for academic advice.  

Upper-Level Course Planning

This information is intended to offer some general advice to you as you are planning and selecting courses for your second and third years of law school. Many factors are relevant to your selection of upper level course work, including your interest in developing professional knowledge and skills regardless of whether you also specialize in a particular field of law, developing expertise in a specialized field, and passing a bar exam. In addition to considering the suggestions below, you should not hesitate to contact your faculty advisor, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, or other members of the faculty for more personalized guidance.

Developing General Knowledge and Skills

Consider the following courses because they are valuable in most any field of practice and will help prepare you for the bar examination: Administrative Law, Basic Federal Income Taxation, Business Entities I: Unincorporated Business EntitiesBusiness Entities II: Corporations, Evidence, Remedies, and Sales.

You should also consider courses that will enhance your professional skills. There are many such courses offered in our curriculum, including in-house clinics, internships, and classroom-based skills courses.

Developing Expertise in a Specialty Field

Many students are interested in specializing in a particular field of law, and the law school offers opportunities to specialize in many different fields. When considering a particular field of law, we encourage you to seek advice from faculty members who have expertise in the specified field of interest.