the Dickinson Law Community

Penn State Dickinson Law’s choice to seek entering classes of no more than 75 students means you’ll study in an intimate environment that allows for greater interaction, with personalized attention from your professors. Plus, our location affords a diverse selection of career-building opportunities with private law firms, local, state, and federal government, private corporations, and non-profit entities. You’ll also begin to serve the public through membership on community boards, our Miller Pro Bono Matching Program, and student organizations.

A Message from the Dean

Dean Gary GildinI simply love to teach. I particularly enjoy watching my students acquire the analytical, problem-solving, and persuasion skills they’ll use on a daily basis while serving their clients. But as much as I like being in the classroom, my favorite part of the day is joining students around a table in the Commons for informal discussions about topics inside and outside the world of the law. I sincerely believe that the moments I treasure represent the distinctive features of Penn State’s Dickinson Law—what we teach, and the environment in which our students learn. More from Dean Gildin.