Susanna Chehata

Susanna Chehata ’17
Hometown: Lebanon, PA
Post-Graduate Employment: Newark Immigration Court, Newark, NJ

Susanna ChehataAs a proud immigrant, Susanna Chehata soon will begin a judicial law clerk position with the Newark Immigration Court as part of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Honors Program where she will conduct legal research and help write legal decisions. “My family motivates me to work hard and seek opportunities, even the seemingly challenging ones. As an immigrant, I am proud to have this upcoming opportunity,” Chehata said.

The Lebanon Valley College graduate sought internships to help solidify her decision to pursue immigration law as a career.

“I had an internship at the York Immigration Court where I worked closely with the judicial law clerk. I truly enjoyed the work and looked up to the judicial law clerk as a role model. I also got to know the judge very well and gained much insight into the immigration court,” Chehata said.  “It was this internship that led me to apply for the DOJ Honors Program and seek a judicial law clerk position.”

As a new lawyer, Chehata said it will be important for her to continue to expand her knowledge-base and hone her skills. “A clerkship of any type provides an environment in which the clerk can be exposed to many cases, refine his or her skills, but have the supervision and mentorship of the judge and other clerks,” she said.

Chehata offered advice for any law students who wish to enter immigration law. “There are many immigration-related opportunities for which you could obtain school credit if you do them during the semester. These experiences expand your horizon and give you exceptional insight into all of the players in the immigration system,” she said.