Our Students at Work

Judicial clerkships. JAG Corps. Public interest. Private firms. From summer internships to post-graduation employment, many of our students have secured opportunities throughout the country. We couldn't be more proud! Check out where our students are gaining relevant, practical legal experience and where our third-year students are putting their law degrees to work.

Jada EctorJada Ector ’19
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Summer internship: Judicial Internship, Maryland Court of Appeals, Annapolis, MD

Jada Ector wants to explore and experience many aspects of the law over the next few years, including criminal law, contracts, and immigration law. This summer, Jada is completing a judicial internship with the Hon. Clayton Greene, Jr. at the Maryland Court of Appeals in Annapolis. Learn more.

Andrea Jenkins
Andrea Jenkins ’19
Hometown: Wilmington, NC
Summer internship: Legal Aid Clinic of Wilmington, NC

The drive to “make the world a better place” is what first motivated Andrea Jenkins to study criminology at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington and then enroll in Dickinson Law. Jenkins is looking forward to engaging with her home community and practicing law upon graduation—but first, she’ll intern this summer with the Legal Aid Clinic of Wilmington, North Carolina. Learn more.

Marc Wagner
Marc Wagner ’19
Hometown: Camp Hill, PA
Summer Internship: BakerHostetler, Washington, D.C.

A career in healthcare was a savvy career move for Marc Wagner, who first obtained a Doctor of Pharmacy from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, University of the Sciences, before enrolling in Dickinson Law to pursue a law degree that ultimately will take him into healthcare law. This summer, Wagner will intern with BakerHostetler in Washington, D.C. Learn more.

Courtney Lewis
Courtney Lewis ’19
Hometown: Monterey, CA
Summer Internship: Pennsylvania Innocence Project, Philadelphia, PA

We’ve all seen episodes of “Dateline NBC” about innocent people wrongly convicted of crimes they didn’t commit: people who sit in prison for decades proclaiming their innocence who have no legal recourse after all their appeals have been exhausted. Enter the Pennsylvania Innocence Project—an organization of attorneys and volunteers who work to factually exonerate wrongly convicted people who have depleted all other possible remedies. For first-year student Courtney Lewis, engaging in an internship with the Pennsylvania Innocence Project in Philadelphia has been an aspiration for quite some time. Learn more.

Olivia Phillips

Olivia Phillips ’19
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Summer Internship: U.S. Navy JAG Corps, Kings Bay, GA

While majoring in women’s studies at the University of Florida, Olivia Phillips didn’t envision herself exploring a career in the military, but that’s exactly where she’ll be working this summer during an internship with the U.S. Navy JAG Corps at the Naval Base in Kings Bay, GA. She’ll be assigned to a legal command where she’ll obtain experience in traditional U.S. Navy JAG Corps practice areas such as military justice, legal assistance, and command services. Learn more.

Kamron Abedi

Kamron Abedi ’19
Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA
Summer Internship: Mette, Evans & Woodside, Harrisburg, PA

Kamron Abedi doesn’t want to limit himself when it comes to internship opportunities and the type of law he wants to practice upon graduation, but an interest in the real estate industry has sparked a journey for now. Abedi, who obtained a bachelor of science in Public Service and Public Policy from Arizona State University, will spend his summer as an associate with Mette, Evans & Woodside in Harrisburg, PA. Abedi said he applied to the internship because the firm has strong real estate and corporate litigation practice groups. Read more.

Yio Kyung "Joy" Lee
Yio Kyung "Joy" Lee '18
Hometown: North Wales, PA
Summer Internship: Stevens & Lee, PC

Having grown up in an immigrant household, it was often Joy Lee’s role to advocate on behalf of her parents who were not fluent in English. That experience led to a life long commitment to advocating on behalf of those who may not know how to do so themselves. Joy’s desire to pursue a career in law comes from her love advocacy, a demanding lifestyle, and the capacity to make a difference. Learn More.

Mahtom MolayemMahtom Molayem ’18
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Summer Internship: The Nexxus Group, Beverly, MA

Second-year law student Mahtom Molayem is experiencing different disciplines of the law to see what sticks. Currently, Molayem is a legal intern for the Hon. John E. Jones, III in the United States District Court in the Middle District of Pennsylvania. He’ll spend this summer as an intern at The Nexxus Group—a tech company with in-house counsel—and will focus on various corporate and business law issues. Learn more.

Kira ChhatwalKira Chhatwal ’18
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Summer Internship: Blakinger & Thomas, Lancaster, PA

As the child of a single parent, Kira Chhatwal is not ashamed to admit part of her life goal in going to law school and becoming an attorney is to make a decent living and to “pay it forward” to her mother. “I’d be lying if I said some of the motivation wasn’t financial. My mom is a single parent, so I have a desire to be successful in a financial sense and give back to her a little bit of what she’s given me,” Chhatwal said. Learn more.

Maureen Weidman

Maureen Weidman ’18
Hometown: Penfield, NY
Summer Internship: Smigel, Anderson & Sacks, Harrisburg, PA

Though she’s talented enough to write screenplays or novels, Maureen Weidman, who majored in English at Gettysburg College, decided to harness her love of writing into legal briefs instead. “I knew I wanted to go to law school because I loved writing and wanted to find a career that would allow me to use my writing skills,” Weidman said. “I came to love the idea of using a unique skillset to help others and to provide a service for them that they can’t get elsewhere. This is what I look forward to the most: being able to use my skills to help people achieve their goals.” Read more.

Maria KennisonMaria Kennison ’18
Hometown: Lake Forest Park, WA
Summer Internship: Helsell Fetterman, Seattle, WA

Maria Kennison has traveled from the Philippines—where she spent many of her childhood years and attended college—to Seattle for her 1L internship last summer. Currently a judicial intern with the Hon. Sylvia H. Rambo in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Kennison will return to Seattle this summer for another internship with firm Helsell Fetterman. Read more.

Courtney KenyonCourtney Kenyon ’17
Hometown: Middletown, PA
Post-Graduate Employment: Van Allen LLC, Harrisburg, PA

Though she majored in criminal justice at Shippensburg University and entered Dickinson Law fully expecting to practice criminal law one day, Courtney Kenyon’s new career path couldn’t be more different. She recently began a new position with Van Allen LLC, Harrisburg, PA, as a tax law clerk. In this role, she conducts legal research, reviews records to estimate potential state and local tax savings, reviews and creates tax payment schedules, and prepares tax settlement and refund proposals. Learn more.

Susanna ChehataSusanna Chehata ’17
Hometown: Lebanon, PA
Post-Graduate Employment: Newark Immigration Court, Newark, NJ

As a proud immigrant, Susanna Chehata soon will begin a judicial law clerk position with the Newark Immigration Court as part of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Honors Program where she will conduct legal research and help write legal decisions. “My family motivates me to work hard and seek opportunities, even the seemingly challenging ones. As an immigrant, I am proud to have this upcoming opportunity,” Chehata said. Learn more.

Ryan HartRyan Hart ’17
Hometown: Harrisburg, PA
Post-Graduate Employment: Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, WIlmington, DE

Ryan Hart credits a corporate law course he took at Dickinson Law with steering him toward a new career he’ll begin upon graduation. Come September, Hart—who studied history at Shenandoah University, West Virginia—will begin work as an associate in the business planning and transactions practice group at Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, Wilmington, Delaware. Before he started law school, Hart thought he’d end up practicing insurance law. Learn more.

Jon VaitlJon Vaitl ’17
Hometown: Lebanon, PA
Post-Graduate Employment: Clerkship, U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Williamsport, PA

Jon Vaitl knows the value of hard work — but that sometimes luck isn’t such a bad thing, either. The third-year law student at Dickinson Law has secured a coveted federal clerkship with Judge John E. Jones III ’80, Middle District of Pennsylvania, a position for which Vaitl neither applied nor interviewed. That’s the luck part. The hard work came in months before this offer when Vaitl was an intern with Judge Jones. After remembering how diligent and dedicated Vaitl was during his internship last year, Judge Jones asked him to fill a two-year clerkship vacancy. Learn more.