Samantha J. Prince

Samantha PrinceAssistant Professor of Legal Writing and Entrepreneurship


Phone: 717-240-5286

LL.M., Georgetown University Law Center
J.D., Widener Commonwealth Law
B.S., Muhlenberg College


Agency, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Entities
Business Planning for Small Business Enterprises
Operational Issues for Small Business Enterprises
Problem Solving II: The Lawyer as Writer
Problem Solving III: The Lawyer as Persuader

Prince on Teaching>

Traditional law school teaching focuses on analyzing the law. My goal has always been to impart on my law students practical legal skills so that upon graduation and entering the work force, they are not only academically ready but practice ready as well. While it is important to master the skill of analyzing the law, I've found it is equally important to be able to apply the law. To that end, each of the courses I teach contains experiential learning elements through real-life examples and interactive projects. Giving students assignments that focus on skills such as problem solving, negotiating, and drafting during law school allows them the ability to receive valuable feedback in this academic setting, which in turn makes them better, more marketable legal professionals. Plus, it's more fun than reading and briefing cases all of the time!

Prince on Community>

Community can be viewed from two different perspectives, both within our institution itself, and that as being a part of the local legal community.

I find our law school community to be particularly engaging. The students, faculty and staff work together to ensure all involved have an excellent experience, both academically and personally. There are numerous student organizations and a stimulating curriculum to keep students engaged and motivated. As a law school community, we share a unified goal: to see our students succeed.

Prior to joining our resident faculty, I served the law school as an adjunct faculty member. Being involved with law students while also working in a transactional business practice afforded me the ability to continually view both the academic and practice sides of the profession. There were multiple benefits derived from this dual relationship. First, I was able to learn from the community's legal minds which types of knowledge were important for our students to acquire. What are firms looking for in associate applicants? What knowledge will help our students stand out among the other applicants? Additionally, due to my involvement with various governmental, law and entrepreneurship organizations, I was able to bring informative guest speakers into the classroom. Inviting such speakers not only served to enlighten the students but also allowed for networking, which aided with student job placement. Finally, being involved with both practitioners and the law school simultaneously allowed me to bring awareness of the law school goings-on to legal members of the community.

By becoming resident faculty and continuing to maintain the relationships I have made with government, local business and transactional attorneys, I am able to not only continue the above, but do so on a greater level.

Prince's Engagement with the Profession>

I have practiced for over 20 years primarily as a transactional business attorney with the firm Hedger & Hedger in Hershey, Pennsylvania. My expertise lies in business matters including mergers, business planning and securities law, representing both businesses as well as entrepreneurs. My experiences include an initial public offering of a successful wound care company; taxation and securities disclosures incident to various business transactions; funding businesses through various capital raising techniques; drafting employee handbooks; advising on employee benefits matters, etc.

Practicing law and teaching law go hand-in-hand. I endeavor to bring my experiences into the classroom in a manner in which benefits each of my students.

Prince's Outside Interests>

I have two teenagers, one in college (PSU College of Engineering) and one in high school. Although they provide plenty of entertainment, I do find the underwater world intriguing as well. Whether it be through scuba diving or snorkeling, I enjoy the thrill of finding new creatures. The Caribbean, with its clear and warm waters, is a favorite destination. I am also a collector of fine antique glass.