Adjunct Professor of Law
Donald Marritz

Regional Housing Legal Services 
Phone: 717-334-0528

Course: Legal Problems of Indigents

About Marritz>

I have co-taught the Law of Indigents since 1999 with Jane Muller-Peterson.  I have been a civil legal aid attorney for 40 years and have handled and litigated many cases in a wide variety of substantive areas in state and federal courts in Pennsylvania.  I have supervised many law students, both as a legal aid attorney and as a staff attorney in Penn State-Dickinson family and disability clinics (1996-1999).

I have been active in the state bar association and received Special Achievement Awards in 1998 and 2002. I received an Excellence Award from the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network in 2006.  I have published several pieces on the Pennsylvania Constitution, including Making Equality Matter (Again): The Prohibition Against Special Laws in the Pennsylvania Constitution, 3 WIDENER J. PUB. LAW 161 (1993) and “Courts to be open; suits against the Commonwealth,” in THE PENNSYLVANIA CONSTITUTION: A TREATISE ON RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES (2004).  I have also published several pieces for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute about the state constitution and unemployment compensation.

Most recently, I have represented a group of 15 community organizations who have challenged the termination of the state General Assistance program, in which disabled people who were not eligible for federal welfare benefits got meager but important financial assistance.  I also represent a group of mobile home residents challenging unlawful lease provisions and rules promulgated by the community owner.